Saturday, 7 January 2012

In the Germany city of Duisburg, churches came under attack over the New Year, subjected to a barrage of rockets, fireworks and bangers.

Tens of thousands of euros worth of damage was caused.
On Wednesday morning, a mixture of New Year rockets and numerous stones, some the size of a fist, were still lying around the Catholic church St. Ewaldi and Laar cathedral on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße.

...As well as the church windows, the unknown persons have smashed in all windows in the sacristy. Schulz doesn't dare to hope for much from the police: "Of course they always take down the criminal complaint very correctly. But they still haven't caught one perpetrator." Schulz would like to see a greater police presence in front of the church: "But then it's always: 'Sorry, we've got too much to do in the north." Schulz is afraid that he won't have to wait till New Year for the next broken window.

Who "they" are, who throw stones at the church, Heribert Schulz cannot or will not say. Other Laar Catholics are concerned that the perpetrators could exact revenge. In off-the-record conversations with our newspaper, extremely aggressive young adults from the district are blamed. But no one wants to be quoted with their suspicions.
Source: Der Westen

Duisburg is a heavily Muslim and Turk-colonised area. The mosque is just down the road from the church but, strangely, doesn't seem to have come under any attack.

Of course neither the journalists nor the priests say explicitly that Mohammedans were responsible, but the implication is there.

The journalists walk up to a nearby meeting place which has a Lebanese flag displayed out front. They see five young men hanging around outside and talk to them.
To the question of whether they knew who threw stones at the church windows, at first they answer negatively: "And if I did know, I wouldn't tell you," said one of them, who introduces himself to us later as Omar.

We persist and ask the young men again whether they often go on to the church grounds and whether there's a problem there? "Yes, there are problems," says Omar finally, "if you really want to know, the problem is there's nowhere in Laar where you can play football!"

...Not only they, but other young boys are brusquely chased away wherever they play football: "At the school, for example. Then we also play - together with Turks, Yugoslavs and Arabs - on the church grounds and then we're also chased away there and the police are called right away. Then we feel angry."

And do you throw stones then? "Of course not", says Omar and grins.

Father Andreas Rose doesn't find it at all funny. On Thursday he told the newspaper what he experienced recently when he nicely asked a small group of football-playing men not to disturb a mass that was underway by kicking the ball against the church: "I was insulted in the worst way and they were extremely aggressive," says Rose. "Terrible and sad."
Source: Der Westen

Via: PI


Anonymous said...

Der Westen shows a photo of the newly renovated bathrooms after the attack, and this is not the first time an attack like this happens, say church members. Actually, it happens quite often, according to them.

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