Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Car burnings and riots in Clermont-Ferrand [in French]

In France, Muslims traditionally celebrate New Year by burning cars and otherwise attacking the country they have come to parasitise. One of these merry makers was the 30-year-old Wissam El-Yamni. In Gauthière, a "Sensitive Urban Zone" in Clermont-Ferrand, he attacked the police directly, throwing projectiles at their car. They chased him, caught him and, after a struggle fuelled by cannabis, alcohol and cocaine on his part, succeeded in subduing and arresting him. On the way back to the police station he suffered a heart attack and then lapsed into a coma.

Since then, his fellow Mohammedans have been conducting low-level guerilla warfare against the French people living in the town. Every night, cars are set alight; about 40 on Saturday; another 30 the next day.

Last week, as is their wont, the Muslims held a march in honour of the criminal Wissam. But, on Monday, dear Wissam died. Authorities now fear an outpouring of Mohammedan rage. Extra police resources have been deployed to stem the anticipated spate of attacks and car-torchings.

Sources: Le Monde, Libération


Anonymous said...

Everywhere you see Moslems you see a huge amount of aggression, where does it come from? It seems there is nowhere they can live without attacking
the native peoples. Europeans need to wake up and unite against this common threat. The Nazis were angels compared to these RETARDS.

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