Sunday, 1 January 2012
Cars burnt in Strasbourg on New Year's Night 2009

On New Year's night last year 1100 cars were burnt in France in what has become a ritual of Muslim violence. Across 2010 as a whole, an astonishing 40,000 cars were burnt in the country.

On New Year's night 2009/2010, 1137 cars were burnt and the year before that 1147. We won't know how many were burnt last night, though, because the French government has decided not to publish the figures. They say this is to prevent the Muslims (they don't actually say Muslims of course) trying to out-compete themselves.

Note the extraordinary measures the French state is now taking to try and limit the problem: banning retail sales of fuel and fireworks and the carrying of liquid in bottles (no doubt to prevent Muslim Molotov cocktails).
Sales of petrol and other combustibles will be limited on New Year's Eve in a bid to curb what has become an annual tradition of revellers torching hundreds of cars, police said.

Youths in the often depressed suburbs of French cities have been torching hundreds of vehicles on New Year's Eve since the early 1990s in what police say has become a competition to see which area can cause the most damage.

Police last year said they would no longer release figures for the number of vehicles set on fire to put an end to the "competition and ranking" that had emerged, with more than 1,000 vehicles being torched every year.

In a police circular seen by AFP, Interior Minister Claude Gueant urged security forces to "mobilise with the greatest vigilance" for the New Year's Eve celebrations on Saturday.

Instructions sent with the circular said local security forces should take all measures necessary including "restricting retail sales of petrol."

In Paris, where tens of thousands are expected to gather for the annual celebration on the Champs Elysées, police have banned the sale of "domestic combustibles" such as lighter fuel from Wednesday to Monday.

Alcohol sales have also been banned around the Champs Elysées on New Year's Eve.

Paris police noted in a statement on Thursday that as in other recent years fireworks will be banned on the Champs Elysées and no official display will take place.

"There will not be a fireworks display in the capital on the night of December 31st," the statement said.

"The sale and use of all fireworks are strictly forbidden during the year-end holiday season because they are liable to seriously disrupt public order and security."

It noted that the sale of fireworks during that period was punishable by a fine of up to 1,500 euros ($1,940) and their use by a fine of 38 euros.

Tens of thousands of police are expected to take to the streets of France to ensure security on Saturday.

During last year's celebrations, nearly 54,000 security officers, including police and gendarmes, were deployed, including more than 8,000 in Paris.
Sources: The Local, Le Monde, Le Monde


muslim directory said...

Thats what you get when you oppress and do not allow Muslims to practice their religion

Mullah Lodabullah said...

I'm sure they will publish statistics on "hate crimes" against islam / muslims.

Anonymous said...

@muslim directory

Nobody oppresses you. Simply non-muslims from around the world will not allow you to take over their countries. Too bad for you.

TL Winslow said...

Taking control of the streets is step #1 toward instituting Sharia. When will the French govt. get it and wake up? When they start burning infidels? Or maybe gendarmes?

Anonymous said...

@muslim directory

Maybe if your lot stopped behaving like spoiled children with tantrums, thuggery and intimidation then you will begin to understand why no one wants you.

How about stop your pathetic blocking of Parisian streets for "prayer"?

Red Rose said...

TL Winslow asks: When will the French govt. get it and wake up? When they start burning infidels? Or maybe gendarmes?

That is exactly what it will take, TL.


Anonymous said...

That what you get when you allow Muslims into any country, specially any civilised country in the West.

Anonymous said...

Mullah Lodabullah

They already have taken over many of the great cities of Europe- London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Madrid.

Coincidentally, these are also the major cathedral cities of the West.

Anonymous said...

Muslims should not be allowed to enter any civilized country, period. Unless they renounce islam and request political assylum from islamic oppression. Otherwise these muslim have no legal reason to enter any non-islamic country. To practice islam they have plenty of islamic countries.

Anonymous said...

they have taken overmany of europes great cities???perfect they will be easily corralled and obliterated with artillery fire,they haven't taken over jack shite.they are miserable huddled stinky bearded pests who will soon be dead.a couple of cannisters of anthrax can go a long way.

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