Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The fact that Orban has an overwhelming democratic mandate doesn't stop them describing his initiatives as undemocratic. Their conception of democracy is straight out of East Germany, or the "German Democratic Republic" to give it its formal title.

Mr Orbán said his country was the victim of "international leftists" in Brussels. A zealous anti-Communist, he insists that Hungary's Stalinist past must be ripped out at the roots.
Source: Telegraph

He's not wrong. Barroso himself is a former Maoist.


sheik yer'mami said...


Nobody in Eurabia wanted this. Unelected communist apparatchiks like Herman van Rumpoy, Manuel Barroso, Xavier Solana, the pedophile Cohn Bendit, and the German Martin Schulz, who was (correctly) called out by Berlusconi as a 'guard in a concentration camp'.

The only one who consistently stands out due to his integrity is Nigel Farage, who refuses to play the game.

Totalitarians all of them, indemnified by contractual agreements underwritten by themselves; it is a tragical comedy and a disaster of biblical proportions.

Hang them all!

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