Monday, 9 January 2012

Almost all the men in an Egyptian village married Bulgarian Roma women then immediately filed EU visa applications. In a single month, 18 men from a village in the Garbija region, 50 miles north-east of Cairo, married their "loved ones" then turned up at the Bulgarian embassy in the Egyptian capital.

This has been reported by the Bulgarian newspaper 24 Tschassa (24 hours). It is believed human traffickers are behind the bizarre scheme. The Roma women are given free flights and 500 euros to participate. According to Islamic tradition, the marriage has to be witnessed by a mullah and three witnesses.

In the last month, 30 applications for marriage-related visas have been received at the Bulgarian embassy in Cairo, all from the same village.

Via: SOS Heimat

The video below, although not directly relevant to the story, gives some insight into the Bulgarian Roma's marriage customs.


Anonymous said...

- Horrific! How manipulative! Who is organizing this? The brothers?

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