Friday, 6 January 2012

The children at a primary school in Diane Abbott's constituency are brainwashed into singing a rap "song" about her. According to the teacher, the pupils have been learning about "famous black people from the past and the present".
Diane Abbott Hackney MP
First black woman in da history
To win da vote and take da seat
She speak up loud and turn up da heat.

Note even the white children are forced to celebrate the "first black woman in da history to win da vote and take da seat". Shocking in so many ways.

H/T: ssimone


0a said...

I followed you here from comments made on the Telegraph website. This is rather disturbing indeed, I can't imagine how my parents would react if I returned home from school reciting this kind of thing about a current Labour MP.

This should be a warning to us all - she is so blinded by her narrow definition "of racism" she can't see what is wrong with the above video or her offensive comments over the last few days.

It's also a reflection on the uselessness and weakness of Miliband. She would have been told to resign long ago by any other political party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A white teacher in a christian school forcing christian children to sing rap music, a form of music which is associated with drugs, rape and murder. This should be classed as neglect, the teacher should be sacked and the school should be closed down. The African children at the school should be returned to their homeland.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority.

Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

Because they won’t.

So why are people saying White Britons will be a minority in Britain in 2066?

And saying White Swedes will be a minority in Sweden in 2025?

That’s because there’s massive non-White immigration in all White countries and only White countries.

That’s because there’s a programme of White genocide.

They say it’s anti-racist but it’s simply anti-White.

Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

The orchestrator of this horror is none other than the headmaster himself - and at a church school, no less.

Anyone else notice how while the black children are eagerly joining in the white children seem uneasy? Even at this young age they have a sense that this is wrong, that something being 'celebrated' is nothing that they can identify with and does not bode well for them.

It's like Jewish children being forced to sing a Nazi anthem.

Worse even than the song is the headmaster's final brainwashing session where the children are taught the PC answers to questions about the Abbot's greatness!

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