Sunday, 15 January 2012
On 13 November 2010, the association "La Pensée et les Hommes" organised at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) the conference entitled "A Muslim majority in Brussels in 2030: how best to prepare the 'vivre ensemble'"?.

Why? "The demographic explosion expected in Brussels in the next 10-20 years (note: + 170,000 residents by 2018) is a subject of preoccupation, not to say panic, explained Chemsi Cheref-Khan at the time, administrator of "La Pensée et les Hommes". Although there was unanimity in underlining the urgency and the scope of the measure to be taken to cope with the new requirements in schools, nurseries and skills training, etc., there is also a strange conspiracy of silence with regards to the question of knowing who the new residents of the capital will be."

For Cheref-Khan, indeed, "very few specialists emphasise the fact that the great majority of the demographic growth in Brussels comes from residents of Muslim faith or culture". In the end, this poses questions of "vivre ensemble".
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Anonymous said...

2030? That is about 18 years to prepare for the worst war that will take place in Europe- worse then WW1 or 2, as this will take place in which the enemy regards Hitler as a liberal.

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