Sunday, 29 January 2012

Although I can't be sure, this is almost certainly the attack described in this story. If so, events culminated with her being raped, although that is not shown in the video.
On Wednesday evening a foreign woman was reportedly attacked by several dozen men. Some of the men raped her.

Her husband was unable to protect her from the mob, and a number of other people that came to her aid were also attacked.

According to BikyaMasr, one witness reported via Twitter that he “saw the woman and then dozens of men surrounded her and started grabbing her, when she screamed for help some people came, but they were hit in the face."

The woman was stripped and attacked for 10 minutes. She was afterward taken away in an ambulance.

The still images give us a better impression of the terror she was experiencing. Note the evil looks in the jihadists' eyes as they move in on their prey. It looks as though her shirt was ripped open and she was trying to cover her breasts (or maybe those aren't her hands?).

Her mouth opens to scream as the jihadists eye their prey


BillyHW said...

Animals belong in a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Moslims moeten eens naar zichzelf kijken in plaats van het westen te haten!

V said...


SuddenSam said...

I'd say those are not her hands on her breasts. The hands appear to be of a darker skin color then hers.

Anonymous said...

Women should pay close attention, and not go to muslim countries. And stay far away from muslims.

Anonymous said...

Tragic event, and I feel sorry for her, but what what was she doing in a Muslime Hellhole?

You would think Westerners would know enough about Islam and its barbaric Creatures by now to stay away from them. . . very far away!

Anonymous said...

Bring these fuckers up to Northern Canada....we'll take care of them. Fucking rag heads!

Young Pharaoh said...

I don't know what to say, I'm Egyptian and those mango fuckers are criminals Mubarak's police got them out of jails during the revolution to terrify the protesters and force them to stay homes, they meant to target media, every reporter (Egyptian and non-Egyptian) was in Tahrir Square covering the revolution they got attacked, harassed by those subhuman criminals, I just woke up and not in mood to write more but.. the world must know the truth, Egyptian people are one of the most friendly peoples on the earth and it's out natural we love foreigners! Zionists along with Mubarak's men they are still working to distort our glory revolution.

jon creed said...

I will kill these F@cking ragheads come on over to texas u f@cking p@ssies

Anonymous said...

I liek it, bitch got it coming :3

Anonymous said...

more details here:

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