Sunday, 15 January 2012

Propaganda film about the Empire Windrush which brought the first major shipment of Jamaican colonists to Britain

There an article in the Sunday Telegraph today about the money-making machine Tony Blair has set up after leaving in office. He manages to pay only £315,000 in tax on income of £12 million and profits of £1 million. £8 million goes to unspecified expenses. Most interesting for me, though, was the name of his company: Windrush Ventures. The Empire Windrush was the ship that brought the first major shipment of negroes to Britain in 1948, opening the way for the mass colonisation in following years.
...up until March 31 last year, Mr Blair’s management company Windrush Ventures Limited – established to administer “all the various things he does in the world” – was paid £12 million and made profits of more than £1 million. The company’s tax bill was £315,000.
Source: Telegraph

It's fascinating that a man who, as Prime Minister, threw open the gates to third-world immigration with such abandon, identifies so strongly with the colonisation process that he names his company after it.


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