Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Belgian police have launched a new campaign against thought crime on the internet, dubbed Cyberhate. If you see any internet material you think could incite hatred or discrimination against groups with protected characteristics you can report it online and the thought police will go into action.

Reading their brochure, it becomes clear that their definition incitement to hatred or discrimination is rather broad, and includes discussion of government policy.
Cyberhatred expresses itself in numerous ways: a video which makes fun of the atrocities of the Shoah, a post in a discussion forum which incites the deportation of Muslims, an email chain containing lies attacking homosexual parenting, music files that spread hatred...

A while ago, I posted a proposal for Muslim repatriation. I did this, not to incite hatred, but because I think it's the only way to avert a future civil war. And this is, of course, a government policy that is being discussed. A political party would have to adopt the proposal into its policy programme, present it to the electorate and win an election before it could become reality. But now even to talk about possible future government policies is considered a thought crime?



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