Tuesday, 17 January 2012

"The BACL is going into the Premier League from the second division." The BACL is the British Asian Conservative Link "which stages fundraising events to boost the number of Asian Tory MPs".
A major sleaze scandal erupted last night after a Tory fundraiser was caught boasting he could arrange one-to-one access to the Prime Minister and supply his personal mobile phone number for £10,000.

The prominent party activist, who claims extensive links to the Government, bragged to a Mail on Sunday reporter: ‘Those who pay £10,000 a year get Cameron’s mobile.’

Rickie Sehgal, 50, also said donors could dine with the PM – or any other Ministers – and raise any issue they wanted, including relaxing immigration curbs.

Asked if £10,000 guaranteed access to the PM, Mr Sehgal said: ‘One hundred per cent, Cameron... you name it.’

Mr Sehgal claimed that he had access to Mr Cameron to the extent that he can lobby the Prime Minister on behalf of parliamentary candidates from an Asian background.
He said: ‘By association with BACL, we take advantage of positive discrimination that exists today to say there aren’t enough Bangladeshi MPs... I might go straight to the Prime Minister, or the central party.’

He also boasted of close links to other senior Cabinet Ministers, especially Baroness Warsi and Lord Feldman of Elstree, the joint chairs of the Tory Party, saying links to the pair also gave him access to Mr Cameron’s diary.

The reporter then asked Mr Sehgal if he could have access to an immigration Minister to discuss a change in Government policy, saying that he wanted to meet a Minister to ask him if the Government could end the restriction that prevents non-skilled migrants from Third World countries from entering Britain. Such a change would allow the fake businessman to bring in immigrants from Bangladesh to work as cleaners for his company.

The reporter asked: ‘I am not saying arrange a meeting with Theresa May tomorrow or in two months, but as time goes by... if I pay £1,000 or £10,000, doesn’t matter, I would like to ask Theresa [May] in person, just to let her know this is a concern.’
Mr Sehgal replied: ‘You will get that opportunity, you’ll get that opportunity, that’s the whole point.’

Source: Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Is Ricky Seghal actually a Muslim?

It's just not a very Islamic name.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I'm not sure.

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