Saturday, 14 January 2012

On 23 December this man raped two blonde-haired, blue-eyed women in Paris then another two days later in Étampes (Essonne). The police had numerous photographs and CCTV images of this man but did not release them until the story was picked up in a magazine called Le Nouveau Detective (The New Detective) and then the newspaper Le Parisien, which published an artificial photofit image of him.

Le Parisien said that the detective division of the French police was "observing the strictest silence in this affair" which was described as "very sensitive".

This is yet another example of European police forces putting the lives of Europeans at greater risk for political purposes. They feel they have some kind of professional obligation to prevent the release of information that might cause Europeans to question the wisdom of allowing their countries being colonised by third-world immigrants. We saw exactly the same thing in the case of the Paki rape gangs in Britain. Of course, as I have written about before, this behaviour is imposed on the police by Council of Europe directives.

This man is considered very dangerous. He has shown himself to be very violent but at the same time, he has spoken to his victims a great deal, notably asking them their religious affiliation or their nationality.

"He also wounded the adolescent with several blows of the knife before trying to strangle her. He becomes very violent when the victims struggle. It seems he only attacks young European women, with light-coloured hair and blue eyes. He also apologised to them after having raped them and stabbed them. This type of behaviour is very troubling."

Sources: Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Le Parisien

Of course he must be a Muslim. Why else would he ask their religion before raping them? But there's no definite information about that yet. Nor is their likely to be with the police working to conceal any information that might reflect adversely on our "diverse" fellow citizens.


Anonymous said...

Now the time has come to start talking about the persecutions of the Europeans, like we have forever, been told about the Holocaust victims.

The persecutions that are happening admidst us must get more attention!

This was my thought earlier today. Now I hear the ecco in the below comment on fds.

"La France devient un camp de concentration, de torture, et d’extermination pour sa population autochtone."

Anonymous said...


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The word we're looking for is 'genocide'.

Anonymous said...

It sure does look like it

How many native women are European governments willing to sacrifice for their ultimate monocultural society?

Gary Rumain said...

Sounds like Bilal Skaf all over again.

Anonymous said...

It is not a crime for a Muslim to rape a Jew, Christian or Hindu according to the holy Quran.

Anonymous said...

Fight back like the Muslims. When you publish a cartoon the Muslims burn infidel embassies in Pakistan and all over the Muslim world. Communal punishment is an Islamic tenant. If everytime one of these scum bags pulled this crap the entire Muslim community, his family & mosque had to cower in fear of retribution; this crap would stop. It is time to label Islam seditious and drive it out of the western world by any and all means necessary. Freedom is only for those willing to bleed for it. It is not a birth right.

Anonymous said...

remind me of india, where a muslim serial killer killed more then 250 peoples in 3 months period... in his admission (i think it was back in 2007) he confessed that he use to ask people their religion before killing them.

If i remember right his name was 'salim', and he was never brought to justice.. because he escaped from train on his way to court , because police constables were sleeping in train !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."Fight back like the Muslims."

'cos when we don't they are always disappointed - the screams of "expect a backlash" are because that is exactly what they would do in our position.
Difference is, just suggesting it can get you jail time for 'hate speech' here in Europe, while rapists tend to get the cultural benefit card.

No, the correct solution is instant karma. Women must start to go armed again, as we did in the 1960s, and be willing to use it. Better to be arrested for a knife than raped and cut up.


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Some of these rapes took place in the home. I'll translate a bit more of the stories when I have time.

Anonymous said...

fucking nigger

Anonymous said...

We should simply find these men and execute them in public. Then if this still does not work then we should execute their family members in front of them first before beheading them.

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