Sunday, 22 January 2012
Almost 55 percent of all Poles have a negative attitude to Islam, 30 percent more than four years ago according to a survey by the marketing research company TNS Obop. This Islamophobia is difficult to explain and above all harms Poland's reputation abroad, writes political scientist Klaus Bachmann in the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza: "And this in a country that didn't have a single conflict with Islam in the last century, and where Muslims were even a much-appreciated religious minority. They were eligible for being raised to the peerage, and in general Muslim immigration was only minimal. It's hard to explain where the Poles' aversion to Islam comes from. ... We are the ones who stand to lose the most from such an attitude. Polish Islamophobia will be a major obstacle to taking advantage of the trust that Poland enjoys in North Africa, where our country is seen as a successful example of democratisation."

Yes, it's hard to explain where the Poles', or indeed anyone's, aversion to Islam comes from. It's a complete mystery.


DP111 said...

Its well known that when there are just a tiny handful of Muslims in a country, they behave themselves to the extent that they are better then model citizens. But as the number rises, the mask starts to change. This then leads to the well known phenomenon of "Islamophobia", ie an "irrational fear" of Islam and Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Only 55%... is the rest of Poland sleeping under a rock like most in Western countries?

Paul Ronkiewicz said...

Its pretty obvious the writer of this text is a complete idiot. Polish people's have migrated all over Europe(Germany England and France ) and have seen what Muslim counties have done in those countries. They bring back those feelings and knowledge of they experienced. Islam is evil pure and simple...

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