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This story is from the German-language section of the Radio Vatican website. It does not appear in the English-language section.
820,000 Christians once lived in Bosnia-Herzegovina – until the start of the 1990s. Then the Balkan wars broke out and now their number has shrunk by almost half, to 460,000 people. The exodus of Catholic Croats from Bosnia-Herzegovina continues without interruption: because of numerous everyday problems, constant tensions and a growing Islamic radicalism. Pero Sudar is suffragan bishop and vicar general of the Archbishophric of Sarajevo:

"The war broke out then because of a lack of tolerance - with the goal of stirring up ethnic divisions. But unfortunately the implementation of the Dayton Peace Accord turned out to be almost a continuation of this ethnic cleansing. Specifically, it authorised the division of Bosnia-Herzegovina into two parts, the Federation and the Serb Republic. As a result of the Dayton Accord the Croats see no other option but to leave the country. They no longer have the political strength that could have led them to stay despite the difficulties. A small Catholic community there has opted for self-dissolution.“

But Croatia, the "motherland" of the Catholics in Bosnia, is preparing for the transition to the EU: a referendum on this topic a week ago resulted in a large majority in favour. Does that give the Bosnian Croats hope?

"We had hoped that Croatia, in its own interests, would promote and bring about our survival - the survival of the Catholic Croats in Bosnia=Herzegovina. As in a certain sense we are a bridge for Croatia between two larger peoples. But now with its entry to the EU Croatia may cut off its border with Bosnia-Herzegovina and leave the Catholic Croats to their fate.“

A fate that appears to have been mapped out. Especially thanks to the rise of a radical Islam of a Wahhabist character which is increasingly displacing the once so tolerant Bosnian Islam. Suffragan bishop Sudar has the impression that radical Islam now intends to advance into Europe according to plan. Bosnia is where the forces are currently concentrated.

"At this moment these tensions are felt worldwide and unfortunately religion is being used for goals that have nothing to do with it. If intolerant Islam gains ground in Bosnia-Herzegovina, its first victims will be our local Muslims. The fundamental problem with us here is that injustice has partly become an everyday phenomenon. And unfortunately even the representatives of the international community have contributed to that: not everyone has an interest in seeing the situation here normalised..."
Source: Radio Vatican Via: EuropeNews

The Vevcani festival this year

In this festival, the participants symbolically re-enact the events of the previous year wearing masks. The intention is to provide a kind of ironic commentary on everything that's happened in order to ritually exorcise it so that the new year can start afresh. But Muslims don't seem to be willing to get into the spirit of subtle self-critique. They'd rather burn down a church instead.

An Orthodox Christian church famed for its valuable icons was set alight in southern Macedonia overnight amid religious tension between Christians and minority Muslims over a carnival in which Orthodox Christian men dressed as women in burkas and mocked the Koran.

Firefighters extinguished the fire on Monday night in the two century-old Sveti Nikola church, near the town of Struga. The church's roof was destroyed but its icons were not damaged, the fire service said.

Hours before the fire, Muslim leaders had appealed for calm among community members.
The January 13 Vevcani festival prompted angry, sometimes violent demonstrations by Muslims, who are nearly all ethnic Albanian and make up 33% of the country's 2.1 million population and accuse the majority of stoking hatred against them.

Ethnic tension has been simmering in this small Balkan country since the end of an armed rebellion in 2001, when ethnic Albanian rebels fought government forces for about eight months, seeking greater rights for their community. The conflict left 80 people dead, and ended with the intervention of Nato peacekeepers.

The Vevcani carnival, said to have been held for some 1,400 years, attracts thousands of visitors. Local residents traditionally wear elaborate, frequently sarcastic masks, with some of the most common costumes including devils and demons.

But this year's perceived mockery of the Koran and the burka costumes caused outrage.
On Saturday, protesters attacked an inter-city bus heading from Struga to Vevcani, throwing rocks at the vehicle but injuring nobody. They also defaced a Macedonian flag outside Struga's municipal building, replacing it with a green flag representing Islam. On the same day, perpetrators attacked a church in the nearby village of Labunista, destroying a cross standing outside.

Macedonian Muslim leaders called for restraint but also accused the government of promoting Islamophobia.

Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi said such incidents "create discord" and "violate mutual respect and trust."

More videos, thanks to Anonymous.

Burka-clad Muslimas showing their appreciation of Mohammed (?)

Mohammedans march through waving their flags, including what look like black jihad war flags

Sunday, 29 January 2012

We all know that the Labour leader Ed Miliband is a joke. Sooner or later he will be replaced by his more personable brother David, who stands a good chance of eventually becoming Prime Minister. It's interesting to note, therefore, that this Prime Minister-in-waiting is already on the Muslim payroll. In fact, he works for two different sets of Muslims: Arabs and Pakis.
Mr Miliband recently pocketed more than £21,000 a day for work in the United Arab Emirates. His rate of pay even outstrips controversial Royal Bank of Scotland boss Stephen Hester, who earns just under £6,000 a day in salary and bonus.

Mr Miliband’s latest entry in the Commons Register of Members’ Interests shows that he received £64,475 from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was also provided with transport and accommodation for himself and an accompanying member of staff worth £4,935 for joining the ‘advisory board’ at the ‘Sir Bani Yas Forum’ in Abu Dhabi last November.

The confidential forum lasted just three days. The event was described as a ‘high-level retreat’ that ‘created a space for action-oriented discussions among leading policy and opinion-makers about critical issues for peace and security in the Middle East’.

Last week The Mail on Sunday revealed Mr Miliband is also working for a Pakistan-based City firm backed by a Swiss aristocratic playboy.
Source: Daily Mail

Mr Vlemmix said he had expected some commotion over his song: "I'm not exactly dumb." But he had failed to anticipate the virulence of the reactions: "I really meant it as a joke. Because the burqa is banned in the Netherlands I thought it was fun to offer a carnival alternative for it: the burqa shirt."

Carnival, a colourful, musical and noisy feast celebrated annually in the southern half of the Netherlands, is often used to mock authorities and make fun of social issues by people dressed up or disguised in humorous creations.

He has not only stopped performing the song onstage, Johan Vlemmix has also cancelled the option to order the shirts via his website. But he stops short at pulling the video from Youtube: "I made it because I was convinced it was right, and I refuse to take it down."

It's not the first time that a carnival song by Johan Vlemmix caused a stir. Four years ago people from Poland reacted angrily to his song A busload of Poles, about Polish plumbers flooding the Dutch labour market. But, Mr Vlemmix said, "that was caused by an incorrect translation". Another song of his, about the deadly bird flu virus, also failed to find universal approval. But none of his earlier songs ever led to death threats.
Source: Radio Netherlands

One of the problems with the political establishment that dominates the western world is its love of abstraction. Our politicians seem to think that the higher the level of abstraction in their approach to a problem, the greater its moral force. This derives in part from their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination.

One of the most unfortunate examples of this tendency was Bush’s declaration of a “War on Terror” following the attacks of September 11th, 2001. It was ludicrous, of course, to declare war on a tactic. But political correctness wouldn’t allow the real enemy to be named. In reality, it wasn’t a war on terror, but a war on jihadists: a Counterjihad. In tribute to this abstraction, across the world today, we still see jihadists being dealt with under generic terror laws.

But jihad is a unique historical phenomenon that demands a unique set of measures designed to counter it. Consider the history of the 1000+ years campaign of slaughter. Tens of millions, possibly hundreds of millions, have been butchered in pursuit of this ideal; many more have been enslaved as dhimmis, their character and identity gradually eroded and eliminated over time as they converted or fled to escape the onerous conditions of Muslim rule.

More than 1000 years after Muslim armies invaded India (butchering an estimated 50-100 million over the entire course of the conflict), the same set of jihad ideals continue to inspire murder and mayhem around the world today. There is nothing else like this in history. It is a unique phenomenon. And the measures designed to counter it should be correspondingly unique.

Rather than processing jihadists through the justice system under generic terror legislation, we should develop a special set of laws that apply only to jihad. “Participation in Jihad” should be made an offence in its own right – one that comes with a mandatory death penalty attached.

Participation in jihad doesn’t have to mean carrying out or even planning a lethal attack. Any indication that a person even supports the idea of jihad should be sufficient to obtain a conviction. Carrying, owning or displaying the black jihad flag, for example; expressing support for Bin Laden on a web page; sending money to a jihad-linked organisation; distributing jihadist videos; describing suicide bombers as ‘martyrs’.

Anyone convicted of participating in jihad should be executed, their body minced and fed to pigs.

Our governments should just kill every jihad-supporting Muslim they can find. Choudhary and his mob? Arrest, try and execute them all. Qaradwi? If he comes to our country, grab him and execute him. Just kill them all. Be ruthless.

Islam is effectively a declaration of war on the rest of the human race. There is no reason why should play nice with people who have declared war on us. We don’t need to sit around waiting for them to make an overt, aggressive move before we act.

We should send a clear message to the Muslims: if you support the idea of jihad, we’re going to kill you if we can. In the course of time, this brutal approach may allow a less threatening form of Islam to evolve, since everyone who would have opposed it will be dead. We should encourage similar approaches in traditionally Islamic countries. One reason why we’re now “enjoying” the fruits of the Arab Spring is that the dictators weren’t ruthless enough. They didn’t kill enough people. In large part, this is due to the western “human rights” pressure that was applied to them, and not just from NGOs like Amnesty International but from our own misguided governments. Instead, we should have given them carte blanche to kill as many jihadists as they could find, told them we wouldn’t utter a peep of protest and given them as much diplomatic cover as we could.

Measures like these seem too harsh to most people. And that really is the problem. It isn’t the Muslims we’re fighting against. It’s our own weakness; our compassion; our hesitancy; and a misplaced sense of guilt about our history.

Europeans will need to find the steel in their soul if their civilisation is to survive. There is no nice way out of the predicament we're in.

Although I can't be sure, this is almost certainly the attack described in this story. If so, events culminated with her being raped, although that is not shown in the video.
On Wednesday evening a foreign woman was reportedly attacked by several dozen men. Some of the men raped her.

Her husband was unable to protect her from the mob, and a number of other people that came to her aid were also attacked.

According to BikyaMasr, one witness reported via Twitter that he “saw the woman and then dozens of men surrounded her and started grabbing her, when she screamed for help some people came, but they were hit in the face."

The woman was stripped and attacked for 10 minutes. She was afterward taken away in an ambulance.

The still images give us a better impression of the terror she was experiencing. Note the evil looks in the jihadists' eyes as they move in on their prey. It looks as though her shirt was ripped open and she was trying to cover her breasts (or maybe those aren't her hands?).

Her mouth opens to scream as the jihadists eye their prey

Saturday, 28 January 2012

This is from Philippe Meunier, a mainstream politician from Sarkozy's establishment conservative party, the UMP.
In addition, without this policy of a significant reduction in the number of immgrants, France will not be able to integrate and assimilate the immigrants present on its territory. If this policy is not properly carried out by putting in place a certain number of measures, in the medium term France will have to confront very powerful ethnic and communitarian tensions which could call civil peace into question.
Source: Libération Via: Fdesouche.com

Anger at British military action in Muslim countries is driving scores of young Somali men who were brought up in the UK to join al-Shabaab, the Islamist insurgency in Somalia.

In an interview conducted by e-mail, a British-Somali man from North London, going by the name Abu Anwar al-Muhajir, told The Times that he was willing to die fighting a holy war in Somalia and hoped to return to Britain “with a band of Mujahidin fighters”.

It offers a rare insight into why so many young British-Somali men leave the West to fight for a terrorist organisation in a country they barely know.

David Cameron will host an international summit in London next month focusing on Somalia, a country he recently described as “a failed state that directly threatens British interests” through kidnapping, piracy and the radicalisation of young Britons.

British intelligence chiefs have long warned of the threat that al-Shabaab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, poses to this country. In 2010, Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, said: “It’s only a matter of time before we see terrorism on our streets inspired by those who are today fighting alongside al-Shabaab.”
Friday, 27 January 2012
Women are partly to blame for Turkey’s ever-rising number of women’s murders, a retired police chief has said in an article for the January edition of the Contemporary Police Journal magazine.

“Naturally our women are in a position of victimhood against men due to the [discrepancy between their levels of] physical strength. It is not possible to say the same, however, with respect to [women’s use of] language and gestures. The blame for the murders cannot be squarely placed on men’s shoulders,” retired Police Chief Dr. Hasan Yağar said in his article, according to daily Milliyet.

Yağar further said nearly all such incidents pertaining to the murder of women take place in dense urban areas rather than in villages or hamlets in distant corners of Anatolia. The presence of attitudes that are not in line with Turkey’s traditions, customs and religious convictions in major cities are causing new migrants trying to adapt to their new circumstances to falter and fall into confusion, he said.

“It is a grave mistake to link the problem merely to the sadism of men. It is entirely impossible to ignore or deny that the matter is related to our national traditions and customs, and even to our social mysticism, or in other words, our religious perspective,” he said.
Source: Hurriyet

Women provoke men to commit murders, which then cost the male offenders their futures, he argued.
Source: Today's Zaman

In the article he also refers, as if in astonishment, to the fact that German men even allow their wives to be kissed by other men!

A Muslim Taxi service has been set up in Germany. You can see its website here. Although it seems to be more of a ride-sharing than a taxi service, it is interesting in view of the fact that Muslims already dominate the taxi trade in many of the European cities they have colonised. Trevor Phillips, of the Equalities Inquisition, once admitted that one quarter of Pakistani men in Britain were taxi drivers.

Muslim domination of the taxi trade is such that if you were a prominent Counterjihad activist, you would have to worry about it. If you were wealthy or had government protection, like Geert Wilders, you probably wouldn't need to worry about it. But if you were someone like Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolff or Robert Spencer, say, travelling to a European city to attend a Counterjihad event, this is something you would have to at least consider. It's not impossible that a Muslim taxi driver who recognised you might lock you in the vehicle and take you out into the woods somewhere where his jihadi friends would come to help him dispose of you. Perhaps you'd get to star in a video as they cut your head off.

The Muslims running the service claim that non-Muslims will be accepted too but the name alone makes their discriminatory intent apparent. Undoubtedly this is just something they say to avoid legal problems.

If non-Muslims tried to set up a non-Muslim taxi service, you can be sure we would be vilified and prosecuted. In fact, a BBC radio presenter was sacked a few years ago when she requested a non-Muslim taxi driver. Here is the call she made.

The statistical over-representation of Muslims in paedophilia in Britain is well-known and now undisputed. But just for making this perfectly reasonable request, the woman lost her job.

Muslims are allowed to discriminate against us but not the other way around.

Source: PI

Recall that this Leveson absurdity began with tabloid newspapers hacking into celebrities' mobile phones to garner material for their gossip columns. This prompted an inquiry into the "Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press". The triumphant progress of multicult ideology in Britain has been marked by these public inquiries: the Scarman Report, the MacPherson Report, etc. All have served to tighten the noose further around the necks of the British people. All represent the encroachment of bureaucracy on democracy. Politicians, who, as Burke said, owe us their judgement, have repeatedly outsourced it instead to these public inquiries, which are typically headed up by judges or civil servants. (Leveson is a judge.)

I was wary that the elite might try and turn this occasion to their advantage by using the phone-hacking nonsense as an excuse to introduce new censorship techniques. It certainly looks as though we're heading in that direction.

On Wednesday, Muslim Brotherhood knifeman Inayat Bunglawala was agitating for more favourable coverage of Islam in the media.
The amount of negative stories about Muslims in the UK was demonising a whole religion the Leveson enquiry has heard.

Inayat Bunglawala, consultant editor to ENGAGE, today appeared at the Inquiry to present evidence on representations of Islam and Muslims in the British media.

ENGAGE stated in its written submission, “In consideration of the enormous impact of coverage that is proven to be inaccurate, inflammatory, prejudicial and detrimental to the representation of social groups in society, whether composed of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, the exclusion of “third party” complaints is deeply unsatisfactory and remains a grave deficit in the complaints handling powers and procedures of the Press Complaints Commission.

“A more robust system of self-regulation is required, one which mandates the right of third party complainants to challenge misrepresentations, inaccuracies and false reporting.

“British Muslims as a social group collectively suffer from poor media practices, whether this be the excessive attention granted to fringe Muslim groups, like Muslims Against Crusades, by the media or poor fact-checking prior to publication.

“Improving media practices and media responsibility on portraying and reporting fairly on Islam and British Muslims, without bias or discrimination or intent to incite anti-Muslim prejudice, is an urgent concern.”
Source: Hillingdon Times H/T Bluepanic

Now Leveson is apparently considering extending regulation to the internet (including blogs) as well as newspapers.
Gossip websites and online news services should come under the same new regulations as newspapers, the head of the inquiry into press standards said yesterday.

Lord Justice Leveson said that he wanted a “level playing field” between print and online services, but felt there was a distinction to be drawn with chatter on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The judge expressed concern about some of the “nastier” stories appearing online. “It only serves to underline why the rules have to cover everyone. I think I might see there’s a distinction between Facebook, where one person is communicating with their friends, or Twitter, and organisations that are in the business of selling themselves by reference to news or information.

“That’s the difference between the pub chatter and that which the State, and I don’t mean government, has an interest in seeing is conducted on a level playing field.”

Lord Leveson has repeatedly referred to the problem of how news sites and bloggers might fit into any system of press regulation that he proposes. Hundreds of thousands of internet users follow political and celebrity gossip websites such Guido Fawkes and Popbitch.

Camilla Wright, the Editor of Popbitch, told the inquiry that the site exposed the “hypocritical gap” between how celebrities demand to be portrayed and how they act. The current definition of “public interest” was not broad enough. She did not rule out signing up to a Press Complaints Commission replacement but warned that other sites might simply move their servers beyond British jurisdiction.

Earlier, Daphne Keller, legal director of Google, said that it had removed hundreds of web pages from its search index relating to the private life of Max Mosley, the former Formula 1 chief. He told the inquiry in November of his frustration at trying to get Google to remove the pages as he attempted to restore his reputation after the News of the World wrongly alleged that he had taken part in a “sick Nazi orgy”.

Ms Keller said that Google dealt with requests for material to be excluded on a country-by-country basis. She warned that Google would end up with a “lowest common denominator of lawful speech” if it removed offending material from all national versions of its sites after upholding a complaint about its UK service.

In the first six months of last year, Google’s UK site received 65 government requests to remove search pages, more than a third relating to security.

Lord Allen, Facebook’s director of policy in Europe, warned of the dangers of trying to regulate information on the internet. “We are familiar with dealing with disputes on a very large scale. If you were going to create something similar as a regulatory position I would offer words of caution about the thresholds you apply before starting an investigation so you are not ending up simply unable to cope with the volume.”
Source: The Times (£)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Chechen strongman, Ramzan Kadyrov, continues in his historic mission of providing some of the best real-life comedy the world has ever seen. A few month's ago, in a ridiculous ceremony, he welcomed a cup to Chechnya which he claimed had belonged to the prophet Mohammed. In surreal scenes, the cup was escorted from the airport to Grozny's grand mosque in a vast limousine procession, the street's having been completely cleared in advance lest the mystic goblet be even slightly delayed on its epic journey.

Now, in another history-defining moment, Kadyrov is bringing a single hair from the fictional character/conman Mohammed's head to Chechnya. Praise be to Allah!!!!

Hopefully there will be video of this absurdity later. If the last video is anything to go by, it would be worth paying to watch.
Muslims of Chechnya are joyfully preparing to greet a holy relic, a hair of the Prophet Mohammed, which will arrive on a flight from Turkey on Thursday afternoon, RIA Novosti reports.

It is expected that the relic will be delivered from Grozny airport to the central mosque named after Akhman – Hadji Kadyrov. Despite the freezing temperatures and biting winds, thousands of Muslims have been lining up along the city streets since early morning while awaiting the hair’s arrival. Once the relic arrives, a collective prayer will commence.
Chechnyan muftis report that hundreds of Muslims are coming from the republics of Ingushetia, Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria to be in the presence of the prophet’s hair.

On Wednesday, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said during a meeting with religious leaders that the appearance of Islamic holy relics in the country "is the best proof that the people of Chechnya are living in peace and harmony."

"I want every person to feel this majestic moment. Those who wish to should be able to see the holy relic. It needs to be brought to all the districts of the republic," said Kadyrov.

It is believed that the greatest amount of Prophet Mohammed’s hair is stored in the Turkish “Top Kapi” museum, which has around 60 hairs of the prophet, as well as his descendants.

Earlier in September 2011, a specially chartered flight from London brought Prophet Mohammed’s sacred chalice, which is believed to be over 1,400 years old. The chalice was met by over 3,000 inhabitants of the republic, who formed a solid line along the route from the airport to the mosque “The Heart of Chechnya” in Grozny to which the relic was delivered.
Source: RIA Novosti

Videos! Thanks to Anonymous.

The Hair of the Prophet Muhammad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In this letter to the Guardian, a group of Muslim agitators and dhimmi traitors pick up on the Islam's channel's idea of an 'Alternative Leveson Inquiry' to try and pressure British newspapers into more favourable courage of Islam, as if they weren't already bending over backwards to portray it in a favourable light.
Over the past decade, a number of academic studies have indicated a worrying and disproportionate trend towards negative, distorted and even fabricated reports in media coverage of the Muslim community. Recent research at Cambridge University concludes that "a wider set of representations of Islam would signify a welcome change to reporting practices. Muslims deserve a better press than they have been given in the past decade." [Note the statement quoted is an expression of opinion not a research finding.] And according to a recent ComRes poll, one in three people in Britain today believe that the media is responsible for "whipping up a climate of fear of Islam in the UK".[So, presumably the other two-thirds don't believe that. Perhaps they even believe that something in the nature of Islam itself is responsible.]

The Leveson inquiry has so far failed to adequately address unfair media coverage as it relates to less prominent cases, including those relating to Muslims and Islam, focusing as it does on the impact of phone hacking on celebrities and other high-profile individuals.

An alternative inquiry is necessary to investigate what many regard as widespread and systematic discriminatory practices in reporting on Muslims and Islam in the British media. Victims – whether prominent or not – of alleged discriminatory media coverage have a right to have their testimonies catalogued and examined thoroughly by credible, independent assessors. Recommendations can then be made to improve ethical standards in the reporting of not solely the Muslim community but of all sections of society.
Imran Khan Human rights solicitor
Bianca Jagger Chair, Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation
Michael Rosen Writer
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Jemima Khan
Navnit Dholakia Deputy leader, Liberal Democrats, House of Lords
Mohamed Ali Harrath Islam Channel
Hajj Ahmad Thomson Barrister
Jenny Jones Assembly member (Green), London Assembly
Andrew Boff Assembly member (Conservative), London Assembly
Rabbi Janet Burden
Walter Wolfgang
Hugh Lanning Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Sanum Ghafoor, blogger
Jean Lambert, MEP, London
Peter Murray Former president, NUJ
Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari Chair, East London Mosque
Dr Omer El-Hamdoon Muslim Association of Britain
Massoud Shadjareh Islamic Human Rights Commission
Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy
Ahmed J Versi The Muslim News
John Rees Counterfire
Vivien Lichtenstein
Anas Altikriti Cordoba Foundation
Miriam Margolyes
Farooq Murad Muslim Council of Britain
Sarah Colborne Director, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Dr Daud Abdullah Middle East Monitor
Moazzam Begg Cageprisoners
Phil Rees Out of Office Films
Nabil Ahmed Federation of Student Islamic Societies
Abdullah Faliq Islamic Forum of Europe
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman
Cllr Larry Sanders Oxfordshire county council
Diana Neslen
Shemiza Rashid Director, The Creative Muslim Network
Na'ima B Roberts Editor, Sisters Magazine
Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada
Richard Peppiatt Writer and former tabloid reporter
Shazia Arshad Human rights campaigner
Myriam Francois Cerrah Activist
Murtaza Shibli Journalist and author
Lindsey German Stop The War Coalition
Murad Qureshi Assembly member, London Assembly
Cat Smith Chair, Next Generation Labour (pc)
Robert Pitt Islamophobia Watch
Dr Alana Lentin University of Sussex
Robin Richardson Insted Consultancy
Cat Boyd Coalition of Resistance Glasgow
Baroness Pola Uddin
Sean Rillo Raczka University of London Union
Chris Nineham Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia
Mark McDonald Barrister
Dan Poulton Journalist
Yasmin Khatun Producer
Frances Legg Producer
Chris Bambery Journalist
Sadiya Chowdhury Journalist
Source: Guardian

Can you believe the mind-boggling cheek of letting corrupt Baroness Uddin sign a letter calling for improved "ethical standards"?

I've posted before how economic collapse is a good thing. The only thing that matters is bringing the European genocide to an end. It was economic collapse that brought an end to the rule of Utopian extremists in eastern Europe and it may do the same to the Utopian extremists still ruling western Europe. Chaos is our friend.

A large-scale breakdown of civil order would be highly desirable. It would undoubtedly provoke mass rioting and attacks by the invaders upon the indigenous population. Perhaps the indigenous population would then be moved to mobilise in their own defence. Tumultuous change offers us the best hope for remaking our politics.
He backs the beleaguered euro, publicly urging European leaders to do whatever it takes to ensure its survival. “The euro must survive because the alternative—a breakup—would cause a meltdown that Europe, the world, can’t afford.” He has bought about $2 billion in European bonds, mainly Italian, from MF Global Holdings Ltd., the securities firm run by former Goldman Sachs head Jon Corzine that filed for bankruptcy protection last October.

Has the great short seller gone soft? Well, yes. Sitting in his 33rd-floor corner office high above Seventh Avenue in New York, preparing for his trip to Davos, he is more concerned with surviving than staying rich. “At times like these, survival is the most important thing,” he says, peering through his owlish glasses and brushing wisps of gray hair off his forehead. He doesn’t just mean it’s time to protect your assets. He means it’s time to stave off disaster. As he sees it, the world faces one of the most dangerous periods of modern history—a period of “evil.” Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. In America he predicts riots on the streets that will lead to a brutal clampdown that will dramatically curtail civil liberties. The global economic system could even collapse altogether.

“I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros tells Newsweek. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

...Soros draws on his past to argue that the global economic crisis is as significant, and unpredictable, as the end of communism. “The collapse of the Soviet system was a pretty extraordinary event, and we are currently experiencing something similar in the developed world, without fully realizing what’s happening.”

...“if you have a disorderly collapse of the euro, you have the danger of a revival of the political conflicts that have torn Europe apart over the centuries—an extreme form of nationalism, which manifests itself in xenophobia, the exclusion of foreigners and ethnic groups. In Hitler’s time, that was focused on the Jews. Today, you have that with the Gypsies, the Roma, which is a small minority, and also, of course, Muslim immigrants.”

As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully. The response to the unrest could be more damaging than the violence itself. “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

Soros insists the key to avoiding cataclysm in 2012 is not to let the crises of 2011 go to waste. “In the crisis period, the impossible becomes possible. The European Union could regain its luster. I’m hopeful that the United States, as a political entity, will pass a very severe test and actually strengthen the institution.”
Source: Newsweek

This procession took place in Malmo on 14 January to commemorate "Imam Hussein", Mohammed's grandson. He is revered in the Shia tradition of Islam so these will be Shias only. Imagine what a procession of all Malmo Muslims might have looked like!

Note the number of prams in the women-only parts of the procession.

Source: PI

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Belgian politician, Alain Destexhe, has found himself at the centre of a "racism" scandal after a seemingly innocent remark he made on Twitter. When a Brussels metro station had to be shut down after it was vandalised by cagoul-clad youths, Destexhe posted the remark shown above on Twitter. The term "Norwegians" is, of course, ironic. Apparently it has become a kind of humorous code used in Brussels. Because political correctness prevents those truly responsible for the crime and insecurity that now blights the city - North African Muslims - being named, people say "Norwegians" instead.

But the humorous remark has generated a storm of criticism. The leader of his political party has denounced him.
"The president of the MR [his political party, called Mouvement Réformateur (Reform Movement)] condemns the ridiculous and unacceptable remarks of Alain Destexhe. He will speak with him directly during the day".
Source: Fdesouche.com

The answer, apparently, is to pander to them even more: weave Islam into the education system (even more!) and "consult" Muslim organisations regularly. What a genius and original plan!

Note how he acknowledges that the Muslim population of Europe will double in the next 20 years. And he conveniently forgets to mention that the dead Wissam El-Yamni attacked the police before being taken into custody.
TWO weeks ago, dozens of cars were set alight in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand after a 30-year-old truck driver, Wissam El-Yamni, was roughed up and then died while in police custody. The uproar underscored the hostility of young minority men toward authority across communities in Europe, an antipathy that has at times led to deadly violence.

The failure of Islamic integration in Europe is often attributed — especially by right-wing parties — to an excess of tolerance toward the large-scale Muslim immigration that began in the mid-1970s. By recognizing Muslim religious requirements, the argument goes, countries like France, Britain and the Netherlands have unwittingly hindered assimilation and even, in some cases, fostered radicalism. But the unrest in gritty European suburbs stems not from religious difference, but from anomie.

Europeans should not be afraid to allow Muslim students to take classes on Islam in state-financed schools and universities. The recognition and accommodation of Islamic religious practices, from clothing to language to education, does not mean capitulation to fundamentalism. On the contrary, only by strengthening the democratic rights of Muslim citizens to form associations, join political parties and engage in other aspects of civic life can Europe integrate immigrants and give full meaning to the abstract promise of religious liberty.

The rise of right-wing, anti-immigrant parties has led several European countries to impose restrictions on Islamic dress, mosque-building and reunification of families through immigration law. These policies are counterproductive. Paradoxically, people for whom religion is otherwise not all that important become more attached to their faith’s clothing, symbols and traditions when they feel they are being singled out and denied basic rights.

Take, for example, the French debate over whether to recognize the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, and the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha as official holidays. Yes, the French state clings to the principle of “laïcité,” or secularism — but the state’s recognition of Easter and Christmas as official holidays feels, to some Jews and Muslims, like hypocrisy. It is Islam’s absence in the institutions young European Muslims encounter, starting with the school’s calendar, classroom and canteen, that contributes to anger and alienation.

In the last few months, there have been some signs that the right-wing momentum has slowed. A French bill to ban headscarves from day care centers was killed in committee. The Dutch Parliament voted down a bill to outlaw Islamic animal slaughter. And Germany’s most populous state helped offset a judicial ban on school prayer by announcing equal access to religion courses for Muslim students.

European countries could use a period of benign neglect of the Islam issue — but only after they finish incorporating religion into the national fabric. For too long, they have instead masked an absence of coherent integration policy under the cloak of “multiculturalism.” The state outsourced the hard work of integration to foreign diplomats and Islamist institutions — for example, some students in Germany read Saudi-supplied textbooks in Saudi-run institutions.

This neglect of integration helped an unregulated “underground Islam” to take hold in storefronts, basements and courtyards. It reflected wishful thinking about how long guest workers would stay and perpetuated a myth of eventual departure and repatriation.

In Britain, for example, race-based equality laws protected Sikhs and Jews as minorities, but not Hindus and Muslims, since they were still considered “foreign.”

Institutional exclusion fueled a demand for religious recognition, and did much to unite and segregate Muslims. Islamist organizations became the most visible defenders of the faith. It is crucial now to provide the right mix of institutional incentives for religious and political moderation, and the most promising strategy for doing that is for governments to consult with the full range of law-abiding religious institutions that Muslims have themselves established.

The French Council for the Muslim Faith, the German Islam Conference, the Committee for Italian Islam and the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board in Britain — all state-sanctioned Islamic organizations set up in the past decade — represent a broad cross-section of mosque administrators in every country. They have quietly begun reconciling many practical issues, from issuing mosque permits to establishing Islamic theology departments at public universities to appointing chaplains in the military and in prisons.

Ultimately, however, elected democratic institutions are the place where the desires of individual Muslims should be expressed. Ever since 1789, when a French legislator argued that “the Jews should be denied everything as a nation, but granted everything as individuals,” Europeans have struggled to resolve the tension between rights derived from universal citizenship versus group membership.

Over the next 20 years, Europe’s Muslim population is projected to grow to nearly 30 million — 7 to 8 percent of all Europeans — from around 17 million. Granting Muslims full religious freedom wouldn’t remove obstacles to political participation or create jobs. But it would at least allow tensions over Muslims’ religious practices to fade. This would avoid needless sectarian strife and clear the way for politicians to address the more vexing and urgent challenges of socioeconomic integration.
Source: New York Times

Czech artist plans to 'recycle' Sarrazin's controversial book

A Czech artist has urged people to drop off a controversial German bestseller at collection points. He plans an art installation of thousands of copies, to be 'recycled' afterwards. Critics are reminded of Nazi practice.

Thilo Sarrazin, a former central banker and politician, is currently writing a book on the European debt crisis. He will be hard pressed to come up with a work that will even come close to his controversial bestseller "Germany Is Doing Away with Itself."

The book suggests that immigrants of Turkish and Arab origin refuse to integrate, and constitute a threat to Germany's indigenous culture. It has sold 1.3 million copies in Germany alone and was the focus of heated debate when it was published in 2010.

Czech artist Martin Zet read Sarrazin's book in 2011, when it was released in Czech - and he agreed with the critics that "Germany Is Doing Away with Itself" promotes anti-migrant and anti-Turkish tendencies in Germany.

Personalizing the project

Using the website of the 7th Berlin Biennale as a platform, Zet has launched the campaign "Germany Does Away with It."

"I suggest using the book as an instrument enabling people to privately manifest their personal position,” Martin Zet wrote on the contemporary art show's website.

Thilo Sarrazin's book 'Deutschland schafft sich ab'The original bone of contentionThe plan is to collect as many books as possible - at least 60.000 - to show them in an installation at the Biennale from April 27 to July 1 and then recycle them for a good cause.

"Please deliver your copy in one of the participating delivery points or send it to us via regular mail and let it become part of the installation," Zet wrote.

With his plan to 'collect' and 'recycle,' the Czech artist's choice of words has set in motion a chain reaction.

Website users posted responses drawing a parallel to the Nazi campaign in 1933 of burning books that did not fit their ideology.

Martin Zet never said he wanted to destroy or even burn controversial books. But he did tell Die Welt newspaper that the book burnings came to mind.

"But I also thought Germany has moved on," he said, adding that he wasn't aware the country was still so traumatized. "I expected a fierce reaction - but concerning the present and the future."

The historical link

Across Germany on May 10, 1933, members of the Nazis' student association publicly burned thousands of books deemed "un-German." The authors included Bertolt Brecht, Albert Einstein, Kurt Tucholsky and Heinrich Heine. Ahead of the burning, organizers had urged citizens to drop off the books at certain collection points. They called the literary purge a "book collection campaign," just has Martin Zet has labeled his appeal.

Werner Tress of the Potsdam-based Moses Mendelssohn Center (MMZ) was shocked by the planned art project he discovered via a Facebook link. He protested immediately "because the term 'recycle' suggests that large amounts of books are to be destroyed."

The campaign, he added, comes quite close to what the Nazis did in 1933.

burning books in Berlin 1933"Un-German" books are burned by the thousands in 1933

Whether or not Germans have overcome a trauma isn't the issue here, according to Tress: "The issue is whether we have gotten over such a practice. I thought we would never again lower ourselves to a level where books are destroyed."

Every book is of cultural value and should not be publicly destroyed, he said, not even in the name of artistic freedom or if it serves to prompt a constructive debate. "I believe that art that claims a moral standard and points out social evils may not put itself above this moral norm," Tress commented.

Users on the Berlin Biennale website argue the age-old question of how far art can go. But they also wonder whether the immediate comparison with Nazi practices is appropriate or just a typical German reflex: politically correct and necessary.

"In the historical context, destruction is too brutal and, anyway, it's an act of suppression rather than debate. It's good to see there still seem to be enough people around who are aware of that and think the project is wrong - like I do," user "Katja" wrote.

Talking at cross purposes?

Another user commented the project has too much to do with the destruction of ideas.

Stop nazi-bannerIs the art project too similar to Nazi campaigns?But user "Melanie" applauded the initiative "because it's a big difference if a state systematically burns books, thus suppressing political opinions, or if books are collected for an art project that wants to make a political statement."

Martin Zet said he understands his critics for the most part, but that he never planned to destroy books. He confessed he has no idea what to do with the books once the Berlin exhibition closes in July, but that the installation itself is a form of recycling.

It is unfortunate, Zet said, that what gave him the idea for the art project doesn't appear to be on anybody's agenda at all: the debate about how we treat immigrants who do not contribute to their new country's economic prosperity.

Despite the controversy, Zet said he plans to put together his installation. The question is whether he will have the 60,000 books he hopes for.

"I would like to lie and say I've already received 15,000," Zet said. "But I'll be honest: So far, I only have three."

Source: Deutsche Welle

On Saturday, a group gathered in Berlin to protest against the artist's plans.

Source: PI

This is so weird it almost defies belief.
Obama? No.
Sarkozy? No.
Hollande? No.
Bayrou? No.
All those people? No.
We're going to vote for: Le Peeennn !! (…)
Africa for the Africans, France for the French.
Forsane Alizza were a sort of French equivalent to Anjem Choudary's mob in Britain. I've posted about a few of their stunts before. Now they are to be dissolved by order of the French government.
The government has ordered the dissolution of a domestic Islamist group, saying that it was a terrorist organization training its members “for armed combat,” Interior Minister Claude Guéant said Monday. The Web site of the group, Forsane Alizza or “The Knights of Pride,” says its aim is to fight Islamophobia. The Web site is laced with anti-Semitic material and postings supporting organizations that are widely deemed to be terrorist groups, including the Afghan Taliban. A recent recruitment appeal by Forsane Alizza called for “soldiers,” and the group acknowledges some violent aims, in particular in the defense of Muslim women. The group gained attention last year through demonstrations against a French law banning the wearing of the full facial veil in public. A cofounder of the group, Mohammed Achamlane, said it would contest the dissolution order in court. “This is truly farcical,” he said in a telephone interview from Nantes in western France. “They have absolutely nothing against us.”
Source: New York Times

Monday, 23 January 2012

This is an example of a phenomenon that we're seeing more and more of: government ministers being nasty to European immigrants. It's considered OK to be nasty to our fellow Europeans. But if the immigrants are darkly pigmented, different rules apply.
Labour Minister Hanne Bjurstrøm had a message over the weekend for hopeful immigrants from southern Europe who’ve been arriving in Norway in search of jobs: “Go home.” Bjurstrøm worries they won’t find jobs, and won’t be eligible for any help, either.

Labour Minister Hanne Bjurstrøm is encouraging would-be immigrants to return home if they don't find work in Norway quickly.

“If there’s no work for them, then there is no work,” Bjurstrøm told both newspaper Bergens Tidende and Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). She claimed she wasn’t being heartless, just practical.

“We are part of the free European labour market,” said Bjurstrøm, from the Labour Party herself. “That means folks can freely travel around and look for jobs. But if there are no jobs (for which they qualify), we as a state have no obligations towards the applicants, apart from making sure they don’t suffer from acute needs.”

Norwegian immigration and tax officials have been seeing a sharp rise in the number of people arriving in Norway from Spain, where unemployment is very high. The problem, they claim, is that many of the new arrivals speak very little English much less Norwegian. That makes it hard for them to find work, because they lack proficiency in languages other than Spanish.

“Then, in my opinion, it’s better for them to go back home where they at least may have friends and family, instead of being cold and broke here in Norway,” Bjurstrøm said.
She doesn’t think Norway will see a huge influx of immigrants from Spain, Greece or Italy. Last year, reported news bureau NTB, around 3,000 tax cards (needed to work legally in Norway) were issued to people from Spain, compared to 70,000 issued to immigrants from Poland and 80,000 to Swedes.
Source: NewsinEnglish.no

Here's another example of it from last week: the French Interior minister blaming a surge in crime on immigrants - from Eastern Europe.
France's hardline interior minister blamed central and eastern Europeans on Tuesday for a 16 percent surge in burglaries last year, stimulating debate on immigration just three months before a presidential election.

Claude Gueant has raised eyebrows with his right-wing stance on immigration since President Nicolas Sarkozy promoted him to his cabinet a year ago.

Gueant hailed 12,000 fewer incidents of crime in 2011. It was a 0.34 percent reduction from 2010 and the ninth straight year of falling crime. But he pointed to a recent rising trend in crime by central and east European offenders. "It's a trend we've been seeing for two years. These are raids by teams of criminals from abroad, especially central and eastern Europe," Gueant told a news conference.
Source: Reuters

The Russian Prime Minister, a top contender for upcoming presidential elections, is providing voters with more food for thought as he promotes his plan for uniting Russia’s multi-ethnic society.

Coming one week after the release of an article that addressed the development of Russian civilization, Vladimir Putin is setting his sights on another penetrating subject, this one involving the importance of uniting Russia’s various ethnic communities together under the banner of Russian culture and values.

“For Russia – with its wide range of languages, traditions, ethnicities, and cultures – the national question is, without exaggeration, of fundamental value,” Putin states in his opening sentence. “Any responsible politician, public figure, must recognize that one of the main conditions of our country’s very existence is civil and interethnic harmony.”
Putin draws attention to the modern problem of “colossal immigration flows” representing millions of people worldwide who are “in search of a better life.” These surging numbers of emigrants and refugees, who are fleeing from “hunger and chronic conflicts, poverty and social unrest” are forcing even the most developed and tolerant nations to address the “national question.”

Multiculturalism creates multi problems

In the midst of this great global experiment, unprecedented in its scope, Putin notes that the “melting pot” of assimilation is…unable to “digest” the growing migration flow.
He also criticizes the move toward multiculturalism, which he says “rejects the notion of integration through assimilation.”

Multiculturalism “elevates the (idea of the) ‘right of minorities to be different’ to the absolute and, at the same time, insufficiently balances this right with civil, behavioral, and cultural obligations in regard to the indigenous population and society as a whole,” Putin argues.

What multiculturalism is leading to in many countries, according to the Prime Minister, is the formation of “closed national and religious communities…which not only refuse to assimilate, but [do not] even adapt.” Putin expressed his astonishment that “neighborhoods and entire cities where generations of immigrants are living on welfare…do not speak the language of the host country.”

There can be just one outcome for such a social model: xenophobia on the part of the indigenous population, which understandably seeks to “protect its interests, jobs, and social benefits from the ‘foreign competitors.’”

Putin performs a delicate balancing act in his article by celebrating Russia’s “cultural dominance” on the one hand, while warning against the “bacilli of nationalism” on the other.

...“This civilizational identity is based on preservation of Russian cultural dominance, which is not only carried by ethnic Russians, but all carriers of this identity regardless of nationality,” Putin writes. “This is the cultural code that has, in the recent years, been subject to some serious trials, which people have tried and continue to try to break. And it has, nevertheless, prevailed. At the same time, it needs to be nourished, strengthened, and protected.”

...Finally, Putin stressed the importance of developing Russia’s democratic, multi-party system.

“Today, decisions are being made aimed at…liberalizing the registration and operational process of political parties, as well as an initiative to return the elections of regional governors.”

The Russian Prime Minister, however, singled out those who “rely on nationalistic, separatist, and similar forces and groups.”

These organizations must be immediately, within the framework of democratic judicial procedures, excluded from the electoral process, he stressed.
Source: Russia Today

In one in three of the approximately 800 schools in Berlin more than 40 per cent of the pupils are of non-German background. At 139 schools it is as high as 60 per cent.
Source: Berliner Morgenpost Via: PI

Sunday, 22 January 2012
Almost 55 percent of all Poles have a negative attitude to Islam, 30 percent more than four years ago according to a survey by the marketing research company TNS Obop. This Islamophobia is difficult to explain and above all harms Poland's reputation abroad, writes political scientist Klaus Bachmann in the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza: "And this in a country that didn't have a single conflict with Islam in the last century, and where Muslims were even a much-appreciated religious minority. They were eligible for being raised to the peerage, and in general Muslim immigration was only minimal. It's hard to explain where the Poles' aversion to Islam comes from. ... We are the ones who stand to lose the most from such an attitude. Polish Islamophobia will be a major obstacle to taking advantage of the trust that Poland enjoys in North Africa, where our country is seen as a successful example of democratisation."
Source: Eurotopics.net

Yes, it's hard to explain where the Poles', or indeed anyone's, aversion to Islam comes from. It's a complete mystery.

Invaders in Paris occupying the town hall to protest about 'poor housing'

Source: Fdesouche.com

Invaders in Munich going on hunger strike to demand cash instead of food packages

Source: PI

Invaders in Barcelona demanding the right to claim benefits in Spain while living in their North African homelands!

Sources: Btv.cat Alerta Digital

The Catalan government recently withdrew benefits from 4,500 North Africans who went back to live in North Africa while still receiving money from the Spanish taxpayer. A recently-introduced reform requires them to show their passports when claiming benefits so the staff can see whether they've been abroad without notifying the welfare authorities. That's what these savages are complaining about!

All of these incidents took place in the last few days. It's not like I had to scour the historical record to find examples.

Where does this astounding sense of entitlement come from? From Islam. Muslims believe all wealth and all land originally belonged to Allah so when they take it from us they are really just repossessing it on behalf of Allah.

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