Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Florence street vendors shot dead by lone gunman

Gianluca Casseri, 50, caused panic when he opened fire on a group of Senegalese street traders at a market in Piazza Dalmazia, on the northern outskirts of the city, killing two men and seriously wounding another.

He then jumped into a white car and drove off. Witnesses said the owner of a newspaper stall tried to block him but the gunman told him that unless he got out of the way he would be the next victim.

Casseri appeared a short time later at San Lorenzo market, in the centre of Florence, where he opened fire again with a large .357 Magnum hand gun, wounding two more Senegalese hawkers.

As dozens of armed police officers closed in, he then drove into an underground car park and turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the mouth as he sat in his Volkswagen Polo.

Police said Casseri, from the town of Pistoia in Tuscany, had links to a far-Right, anti-immigration movement called Casa Pound.

Founded in Rome in 2003, it has around 5,000 members across Italy and draws its inspiration from the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.

Casseri was described by associates as a withdrawn, solitary figure who worked as an editor on a magazine specialising in fantasy and horror stories.

“I heard the shots but I thought they were fireworks. Then I turned around and I saw three men on the ground surrounded by blood,” said a vendor at the scene of the first shooting.

Florence and other large Italian cities host a shifting population of African street vendors who sell traditional handicrafts and fake designer handbags to tourists.

After the shootings, a group of around 200 Senegalese traders staged a demonstration, shouting “Racists!” and “Shame, shame”.

The mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, expressed solidarity with the immigrant community and said the city had been “shaken by the lone act of a crazed and pitiless killer.”

The three wounded men were being treated for chest and abdominal wounds in Florence’s Santa Maria Nuova hospital.

The cowards at the Telegraph disabled comments after a surge of people posted their support for this man.

Yet they report that the Muhammedon who attacked Liege was not a terrorist, and barely report he was a muslim. Only if one is familiar with muslim names would one know.


Anonymous said...

The Touba society is even based in Toscana

The Senegalese allegedly are in control of the prostitution market in Florence, and crowd the streets with - illegal? - trade.

Islamic presence is annoying the locals.

An Italian goes mad.

How to connect the dots..? Hmmm... let's see.

costin said...

what do you mean "patriot"? this man started shooting at a crowd of people. he is a criminal, and nothing more. following this logic, wouldnt Breivik be a patriot too? wtf?!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"One who disinterestedly or self-sacrificingly exerts himself to promote the wellbeing of his country; ‘one whose ruling passion is the love of his country’ (J.); one who maintains and defends his country's freedom or rights." OED

Breivik obviously was a patriot. You may not approve of the extreme form in which his patriotism manifested itself, but that's a different thing from denying that he was primarily motivated by a concern for the well-being of his country.

Anonymous said...

It might be an idea on such occasions, to take a screen print of the comments before the MSM takes fright.

costin said...

I am not trying to applu here reduction ad hitlerul, but wasn't Hitler also a patriot? in the end, he was concerned for the well being of his country, "infestated with jews" or something. wasnt stalin a patriot in a way? wasn't Ceausescu a big patriot concerned about his country? Isnt Castro a patriot? I really dont get your argument! that guy was not a patriot, but a cold blooded killer. and breivik a lot more so.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You seem to be assuming that patriots are always good and that we can therefore only apply the term to people we approve of. Why should that be so? Who says patriots can't be evil nutters too?

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