Thursday, 1 December 2011

There is a French charity called Solidarité Kosovo that offers support to the isolated Serbs still living in Kosovo. It brings them furniture, household articles, educational materials and medical and sporting equipment. At Christmas it organises a special convoy with warm clothes and presents for the children. You can donate to it via PayPal from its website here. The PayPal link on their English page doesn't work. You can just click the link on the top left of the French page. It will be in French but if you're familiar with the PayPal interface it shouldn't be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Transfer of national sovereignty to "international democratic organizations"

- Norway's regime's work to give up sovereignty

"Huge international challenges, like the climate threat, fighting poverty and international crime and terror, requires more and stronger commitment when it comes to international co-operation. This demands that the countries are willing to transfer some of its sovereignty to common international bodys which are based on democratic principles."

Norwegian Parliament, 2008

"More openness, and more democracy"
Jens Stoltenberg, post 22 July 2011

Anonymous said...

First, creating financial chaos by mass import of civilization hating moonworshippers, and then blaming it on the Europeans' claim on the right to their own peaceful, civilized societies.

"Europe is facing an ‘existential crisis’ that could end in violent revolution and war, the French foreign minister warned last night

In the bleakest assessment yet of the euro crisis, Alain Juppe, a former French prime minister, said the spiralling debt crisis could trigger ‘the explosion of the European Union itself’.

Mr Juppe told the French news magazine L’Express that the deepening crisis was creating a dangerous breeding ground for violent nationalism, reminiscent of the 1930s.

He said: ‘This is an existential crisis for Europe that raises the spectre of a return to violent conflict on our continent.

Read more:

The religion of peace gets it all served on a silver tray

Anonymous said...

He said: ‘This is an existential crisis for Europe that raises the spectre of a return to violent conflict on our continent.

Been saying so for years. The Euro crisis is nothing to compared to the existential crisis that is facing us. The Euro crisis can be solved, and could be solved if we had cohesoive communities. But we do not, thanks to multiculti + Islam. So this Euro crisis will trigger an explosion. Good. There is a silver lining.

Anonymous said...

Swedish woman did not act islamic enough, according to rasta muslim husband

At the time of this arriving in Sweden, in 2000, he was married to a Gambian woman whom he abused, for which he was later sentenced to ten months in prison.

In 2004, now with a permit to stay, he had a son with the now murdered woman, and was later sentenced to 100 hours of community service for violence against the son.

The son later was the witness of his rasta muslim father's murdering his Swedish mother who was not thinking like a good muslim, and so had her head cut off, as well as other body parts which were found a few weeks ago in Göteborg.

The son explains that she had first been thrown off the balcony.

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