Thursday, 15 December 2011
Almost half of young Viennese (43.6%) think that "there are already too many Turks living in this country". For 18.2% "As before, Jews have too much influence on the world economy". And more than 1 out of every 10 (11.2%) agrees with the statement that Adolf Hitler also did a lot of good things for people. These are the results of the "Youth and Zeitgeist" study by the Instituts für Jugendkulturforschung [Institute for Research into Youth Culture], which was presented on Wednesday. The study questioned 400 Viennese between the ages of 16 and 19 across all social classes. 40.5% of those questioned believe that the statement "for many immigrants real Austrians are an inferior people" is correct.

Of course the multicultists are now talking about the results of this study as if the ones who thought there were too many Turks and the ones who thought Jews had too much influence were the same people and that the problem therefore was a generic tolerance failure. It's more likely that the ones who thought Hitler had done some good things and thought Jews had too much influence were Turks.

In fact, this wilful confusion of antisemitism and Islamorealism is one of the standard deception techniques that the Establishment has developed. Of course the two tend to go together in opinion polls covering any society being colonised by Muslims. The Muslims express antipathy to Jews themselves and generate antipathy to Muslims in others. But when the multicult dreamers get the poll results they jump with delight and cry "Oh look, the far right has stirred up hatred of Muslims and Jews!"

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