Friday, 18 November 2011

This is a response to the question asked by Martiness yesterday in a comment to this article.
I'm astonished at how worse off the continent is than us, when most of their rulers don't even have the excuse of an imperial relationship with their colonisers. Why do you think this is so?

I'm struck by how often I come across a comment from a European in one country talking about the Muslim invasion of another European country along the lines of: "Our Muslims aren't as bad."

For example, I've seen Germans commenting on the Muslim presence in Britain, saying the German experience with Turks wasn't so bad; likewise I've seen French people, even French politicians, say things like "We don't want it to get as bad as England here" in relation to Muslims. Likewise, Scottish people delude themselves into thinking that Scotland's experience with Mohammedans has been less horrific than that of England, not because there are fewer of them there, but because Scotland's superior moral qualities (vis-a-vis England) somehow rubbed off on the Muslims who came there, making them contented and good.

How to explain the difference in views? Probably people just progressively get used to thing they really shouldn't get used to and learn to accept them as now standard features of their national life. Of course the Establishment media in each country is happy to assist in this process with its Muslim-friendly conditioning. Then, when they look at other countries, they are shocked by what the Muslims do there because they haven't got used to them or received the media conditioning. Of course, as in the Scottish example, a residual sense of nationalism, a belief that each country has unique moral qualities which it somehow manages to imprint on its Muslims, is probably a factor too.

Most British people and politicians would be utterly shocked if, say, Pakistani politicians routinely turned up in Britain, urging their people not to assimilate, proclaiming that forcing people to learn English was a violation of human rights, and demanding that Urdu-language schools be set up with Paki teachers flow in from Pakistan. Likewise, they would be profoundly shocked if the Pakistani state owned and controlled most of the major mosques in Britain and, in fact, was the leading building contractor in Britain. If third-generation Pakistani immigrants often couldn't speak English, this, too, would disturb the consensus in Britain. Even more so if the Pakistani government summoned "British" politicians of Pakistani ancestry to Islamabad to instruct them on how they could best advance the interests of Pakistan within the British power structure. All of these things would be so shocking, in fact, that the the political and media elite probably wouldn't accept it. They would demand legislative changes that would bring this state of affairs to an end. Yet this is exactly what goes on in Germany, with Turks instead of Pakistanis and the Turkish state in place of the Pakistani state.

But most Germans would probably be shocked if their country was a major hub for the international jihad, as Britain undoubtedly is. Britain not only regularly suffers the effects of jihad domestically but exports it abroad. Even the Pakistani government has complained that "British" extremists are helping to radicalise Pakistan. Many of the jihadists now in office or campaigning for office in the Middle East following the so-called Arab Spring lived in Britain. Likewise, scandals like the Pakistani rape gangs or the massive Muslim vote fraud that (according to the Muslim Baroness Warsi) determined the outcome of the last general election in Britain would provoke astonishment and outrage in Germany and probably political demands for immediate change.

Many people think of France as being the country that has sunk furthest into the Islamic darkness. And I think that is probably true, based on the sheer numbers of Muslims who live there. Some aspects of what is going on in France seem astounding to the outsider. In particular, the no-go areas (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) stand out; and the crime epidemic in Marseilles where the Muslims outgun the police with their AK-47s. Overall, Muslims are about two-thirds of the French prison population. Amazing. Quite a few French people think it's not that bad, though.

And there are aspects of the French experience that are actually far more favourable than that of the other countries of Europe. The French republican ideology "We are all French" has had some effect. It's very rare to hear of Islamic terror plots originating among Muslims raised in France - far, far more rare than it is in Britain or even Germany. And when these plots do occur, they tend not to target France but some other country.

All in all, it's a bit like the old metaphor of a frog boiling in water. If you only turn the heat up gradually, the frog doesn't notice and will let itself be boiled alive. If you put it straight into a pan of boiling water, though, it will jump out again straight away. If you could somehow immediately apply the Muslim-imposed conditions of France to Britain, or Britain to Germany, or Germany to France or any possible combination, it would be like putting the frog into already-boiling water. There would be shock, outrage and immediate demands for change. But when it creeps up on you slowly, it's OK.

About the historical roots of Muslim colonisation, France did have colonial ties, like Britain. In fact, in France's case, it was worse because there were many Muslims who fought on the French side during the Algerian war and the French state felt an obligation to let them settle in France once the war was lost. With Germany, the thing was much more formally managed with the "Recruitment Agreements" the German state concluded with other countries, including, fatally, Turkey. The fact that the German state had publicly sought out and concluded these agreements gave the whole thing an air of being a German choice rather than something that had just happened, creating a sense of obligation.

With most other countries that have islamised much more recently, such as Spain or the Scandinavian countries, I'd say it's primarily a case of ideological infection. The countries that had already embarked on the insane experiment of allowing non-Europeans to colonise Europe were forced to develop a multicult ideology as it started to go off the rails. Its core purpose was to make what was very bad seem like it was actually good. Some suckers elsewhere foolishly believed it then started to apply the ideology in their own countries, with calamitous consequences.

It's the traditional do-gooder countries (Netherlands, Scandinavia) that are going down first. Their naive idealism was fatal. But, at the same time, they are also producing the first and most effective responses to the problem (Wilders, Danish People's Party), although this seems to be happening much more slowly in Sweden. In some ways it's easier for them to mobilise political change because they have smaller populations. In large countries like France, Britain, Germany or Spain, significant parts of the population may not see what is happening if they live outside of the main cities or far away from the worst-affected areas. And of course the media routinely screens out Muslim misdeeds so awareness spreads only gradually.


Ralph Lynn said...


Behind the true believers of pc mc bilge are the globalist haters of White Male Western Civ. Leftards and utopian true believers serve their purpose very well and confusion about how to regard the vile, damaging change wrought on our societies also aids the agenda. We natives of the West are just too polite. Our scruples allow the unscrupulous to walk all over us.

No Western country has 'the good muslims'. With mass immigration and Saudi money spreading the salafist-troglodyte creed, trouble will be around the corner soon even if none has manifested yet. There is no escape from enrichment. A patch of Europe might not have no go zones, but it might have a rape epidemic. Another patch may not suffer hair trigger rioting, but there'll be fraud/jizya etc etc. Austria might not have jihadists like the UK, but their muslimas are having lots of babies, while Austrians remain stubbornly, stupidly barren. Lack of terrorists does not signify lack of jihad.

Colonial connections are not really important re race replacement. The agenda is the destruction of Western Civ. EVERYTHING that comes down on us little people from our globalist politicos, trans national corps, the EU, quangos, think tanks, the judiciary, foundations, charities, leftist movements, academia, feminist harridans etc etc is NOT about bringing us to a peaceful, prosperous future full of social justice, equality and harmony. Every proposal, policy and report signals their hatred of their own people. The goal is destruction, nothing else.

And mass immigration, particularly muslim immigration is probably the greatest weapon of the self loathers. If muslims don't actually do most of the damage, I believe that it is hoped that they will finish the job.

I hate islam, but I don't hate muslims. They are being used as we are being duped and repressed.

Anonymous said...

The good muslims

Muslims intent on "praying" at Oslo school, and demanding a room for "prayer", insist on doing their thing on the outside of the school until the pressure is such that the Norwegian authorities are giving in.

One comment to the incidence where a group of them were laying on carpets on the parking nearby, says

"We own the country. We are going to get that prayer room."

Most comments, though, say that school is for education, not for praying .

Today, the politicians of the Christian party, are criticizing the school administration's decicion not to allow the islamic "praying" in the school.

The administration's argument is that such activity would exclude the Norwegian students.

This also in an area where more and more Norwegian natives are moving out, and the pupils starting school are in the areas of 50-90% extra-Europeans.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You're anonymous, anyway.

It's not like anyone is going to say "Oh, that Anonymous, he can't post his comments properly. I'm not going to let him into the Knights Templar after all!"


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I linked in the iostream to an English-language article from The Local about the school protest.

Anonymous said...

"Austria might not have jihadists like the UK"
"Lack of terrorists does not signify lack of jihad."

Remember the "Austrian" muslims who insisted on "praying" in the cathedral of Cordoba during Easter 2010?

CZ, don't you agree this is a good opportunity to recall the islamic claim on the cathedral of Cordoba?

What was that about?
- What really happened?
- What was NYT reporting? And why(?)

"The New York Times did not distinguish itself when the Nazis came to power."

"Would your view change if you knew that the "group of Muslims" was not four or six or eight (you know, with Kodaks and postcards, just a group of tourists, who happened to enter the cathedral and, feeling inspired by the religious atmosphere, spontaneously started to pray, in their own way) but rather 120 Muslims "from Austria" ("Austrian Muslims")?"

"Here it is: "Muslims Try to Pray in Spanish Cathedral."

Where shall we begun? Let's begin with the title: "Muslims Try To Pray In Spanish Cathedral." Now the word "prayer" to non-Muslim readers will evoke an image of people perhaps silently clasping their hands together, leaning
forward in a pew, and either silently, to themselves, or in a quiet tone, speaking heartfeltly to God. It seems innocuous, doesn't it?

But we have to keep in mind what Muslim prayer is. It is a collective act.

It is an act which requires the worshippers to get down on the floor, and to turn in a certain direction, and to simultaneously prostrate themselves, in serried ranks.

It is, when carried out in the public spaces of the West - as on the Viale Jenner in Milan - a political statement."

What does El Mundo say about the same incidence?
- Easter Wednesday 2010, Cordoba, Spain

"Más de 100 musulmanes provocaron disturbios este miércoles al entrar a rezar conjuntamente en la Mezquita de Córdoba, a pesar de que está prohibido hacerlo, y coincidiendo con el paso de las cofradías por el recinto, motivo por el que hay dos personas detenidas por amenazas e, incluso, intento de homicidio."

Interestingly enough, El Mundo describes the cathedral as a mosque, Mezquita.

They do, however, say that there were more than 100 muslims provoking disturbances. They had intended to "pray" in an area where praying is forbidden, and two individuals were arrested for threats, including murder threats.

El Mundo specifies the number of the 118 muslims, of which one of them acting as imam, underlining that this was not the first time such a thing happened at this cathedral.

El Mundo only mentions the muslims' "origin" once in this article - Austriacos.
Photo: "Agentes de la Policía el entorno de la Mezquita tras el forcejeo con austriacos musulmanes."

Anonymous said...

loooooooool u guys are so funny. america, britian invade other countires for their natural resources and killing thousands in the process than have the cheek to call everyone else savages. this site is sooo dumb i just had to comment becuase ur an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"It's the traditional do-gooder countries (Netherlands, Scandinavia) that are going down first."

"Oslo may one day be called Medina.

Here are excerpts from a speech delivered in 2005 from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Sheikh Issam Amira:

“Listeners! The Moslems in Denmark make up three percent [of the population], yet constitute a threat to the future of the Danish kingdom. It’s no surprise that in Bitrab (the ancient name of Medina, a city in Arabia to which Mohammed immigrated) they were fewer than three percent of the general population, but succeeded changing the regime in Bitrab.

“It’s no surprise that our brothers in Denmark have succeeded in bringing Islam to every home in that country. Allah will grant us victory in their land to establish the [Islamic] revolution in Denmark.”

After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina.

“They will fight against their Scandinavian neighbors in order to bring the country into the territory of the revolution,” he said.

“In the next stage, they will fight a holy jihad to spread Islam to the rest of Europe, until it spreads to the original city of Medina where the two cities will unite under the Islamic flag.”"

"After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina."

And, by the way

"The Arabic name for Jerusalem is "el-KuDS" which is abbreviation for another Arabic name used for Jerusalem until the last century, "bet el-maKDeS". Under the Arab rule, in the 10th century Jerusalem was always called "bet el maKDeS"

The name "BeT el-MaKDeS" is a translation of the Aramaic and Hebrew "BeiT ha-MiKDaSH", which means Temple. But Islam has no Temple, only the Jews did.

Thus the Arabic name for Jerusalem makes no reference to Mohammed's trip to Heaven, but rather refers to the Jewish Temple."

Please note the religious activity in the old photos from Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...


- The Cathedral of Cordoba

Beneath every cathedral is always a bed of hidden cathedrals. In the case of Córdoba, tradition traces back to its Visigoth origins. This fact is confirmed by archeological excavations, whose remains can be found at the Museum of San Vicente and in the pits where the remains of mosaics from the ancient Christian temple can be observed on site."

- The Myth of The Andalusian Paradise
The Spanish know their history

"You ask the question: "Was Cordoba, was Islamic Spain itself, a place where "Muslims, Christians, and Jews" all lived in splendid harmony?"

Very few people here in Spain believe in such PC nonsens, they actually know their own history. I like to draw the attention of JW readers to an excellent article "THE MYTH OF THE ANDALUSIAN PARADISE" from 2006 by Darió Fernández-Morera, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and of Comparative Literature at Northwestern University. He is also a member of the National Council on the Humanities."

Will this Spanish awareness of the facts be sufficient to regain Spanish control over the Spanish civilization?

Anonymous said...

The Big Questions, French TV, France5
Friday night

Les grandes questions

Several interesting questions that we already have been, and keep asking

Already starting with the question from FOG, France Olivier Giesbert, pointing out "xenophobes", "fear of the other" in his question to Luc Ferry.

Luc Ferry starts by pointing out that it is already a big mistake to base the discussion on "the fear of the other".

An islam expert doesn't even seem to understand the idea of the "Other". Needing an interface to understanding the Western terminology?

The West is based on the fact that each individual is... exactly, individual, interacting with other individuals, whereas islam is based on the mass of muslims not knowing the idea of the individual and the value of the individual.

The "great" Malek Chebel, muslim psychoanalyst, anthropologist, philosopher, and researcher, cannot sees any problems with immigration to France.

Luc Ferry again, denounces firmly the idea of using the term "islamophobia", used by Chebel.

The program does touch the big questions, but of course, as soon as persons like Luc Ferry is talking, they will get interrupted.

Anonymous said...

As soon as a person like Luc Ferry is talking, he will get interrupted.

Anonymous said...

Muslim not happy

- I'll find you! You work at TV2. Don't you think I'll find you? B...y pig!

In court Bhatti allegedly, according to NRK, called the representative of the security police PST, a "pig".

Arfan Bhatti was asked to leave the court where he was following the terror-case against the Kurd, the Uzbek, and the Uighur - Shawan Bujak, David Jakobsen og Mikael Davud in Oslo.

He is above all, legally interested in this case as the three are invicted of the same as from which he was acquitted, his lawyer explained. (Did he hire the lawyer again now, this long after his own case was over?)

On his way out of the court he is being filmed by TV2's photographer.

- Hey! Stop filming me! Bhatti demands.
- We're in a public space, the photographer replies.

- I'll find you! You work at TV2. Don't you think I'll find you? B...y pig!
- I'll film you and your family. Just you wait and see.

In 2010, this person explained, at the most important journalist meeting, SKUP, where he had been invited as a VIP guest, that he intended to become The Face of Islam in Norway.

Keywords: Oslo, shooting, Synagogue, American Embassy, Israeli Embassy

Van Grungy said...

Have any of you considered the insidious influential trojan horse baha'i ideology?

Anonymous said...

France 5 TV

- I have seen what goes on behind the scenes, says Pierre Cassen at Riposte Laique

sheik yer'mami said...

"the French state felt an obligation to let them settle in France once the war was lost."

The first part is correct, the second part isn't. The French did not lose the war in Algeria, just like the US didn't lose the war in Vietnam. In de Gaulles own words:

it would be a stain on the glorious French army to do what needs to be done to keep Algeria French.

You cannot find humanitarian wars against barbarians.

The US could not get themselves to do what had to be done to win, as a result the communists killed millions after they came to power. The left never saw that as a defeat.

Algeria has killed many more in their war over Islam than the French ever killed in those years when they established Algerian infrastructure, something from which the Algeriennes benefit to this very day.

Selective morality, defective reality, values in doubt= no future.

If you're convinced that our society is a million times better than Islamic barbarity, you have to be willing to defend it, by becoming more like them, because they will never become like us.

sheik yer'mami said...


"You cannot find humanitarian wars against barbarians."

should read: You cannot fight humanitarian wars against barbarians.

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