Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Tunisian newspaper Tunis Tribune has received death threats apparently because of its coverage of the Charlie Hebdo incident in France. It received three emails apparently from a person called Fatma Akaichi, who described herself as being a second year student at the University of Bourgogne (Burgundy, in France). In the first two emails she asked to be sent the newspaper's address so she could submit an application for a traineeship as part of her university course. The third email, written in an ungrammatical mix of French, Arabic and gibberish, said something like the following (partial translation only as I can't understand all of it):
there's nothing left of Charlie Hebdo, neither offices nor internet site nor facebook page and soon no thinking heads of these idiots ... next on the list=Tunis Tribune bunch of savages you're going to pay dearly for your arrogant insolence... akhira Inchallah...forget my previous message (traineeship) I'm going to kill you with my bare hands are plotting god is plotting against you...allahu Akhbar...god is great, god is great...Allah curse you

All three emails were received between 29 October and 4 November. The newspaper's editors have filed a complaint with the police and said that they are "worried about the general climate of intimidation weighing upon the work of journalists on several editorial teams".
"Are these unacceptable practices now considered legitimate by milieux close to the Islamist movement to fight against freedom of expression?"
Sources: Slate Afrique Tunis Tribune


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