Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Con Coughlin, the florid-faced Muslim apologist who disguises himself as an Islamo-sceptic, has this to say in the Telegraph:
it is never smart to poke fun at the Prophet Mohammed – Christians would be equally outraged if satirists tried to lampoon Jesus Christ.

This is the kind of false equivalence that mainstream commentators now seemingly feel obliged to draw on the rare occasions that they say anything critical of Islam.

It so happens that we have an interesting point of comparison in France at the moment, because Catholics are indeed protesting about the portrayal of Jesus in a French play. Well-spoken suit-and-tie-wearing Catholics line up in the street to politely articulate their point of view. For this, the French press has dubbed them "far right". Who'd you rather have angry at you, the Muslims or the French "far right"?

Source: France24


Malakh said...

The police is beating them and arresting them randomly... I wonder if they have the b*lls to do that to the muslims? Those btw are called "Taliban Cathoics". Does the retarded media even knows what the real Taliban do?

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