Thursday, 17 November 2011

Does anyone know who this is or have links to his blogs?
A 45-year-old trainee at the Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) has been sacked after his employers found out he was writing a racist blog during working hours.

”The contents in his blogs are on every point contrary to everything the university stands for,” said university dean Tomas Berglund to Sveriges Television (SVT).

The man, who had received his placement with the university from local authorities in Härnösand, northern Sweden, describes himself as a radical conservative and used his blog to spread a number of xenophobic and right wing extremist views, according to SVT.

The man had furthermore been blogging during working hours and on more than one occasion expressed his sympathies for Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

According to SVT there were also blog entries that could be interpreted as urging armed resistance against a multicultural society.

The trainee was employed at the Department for Humanities at the university campus in Härnösand.

”I was made aware of his blogging activities last week. We immediately took the decision that he should be relieved of his duties at the department,” said Berglund to SVT.

”Breivik was too impatient” and ”Utöya – a second class Auschwitz” were among the statements the man had made public on his blog.

”In that case, the war has started. Breivik saw himself as a soldier in that war. But what's with the impatience? Well, I for one, think that the PC regime will fall within the next few years,” the man wrote on his blog, according to SVT.

Despite running one Swedish language blog, one English language blog and having published several books online, all with the common theme of a new society emerging from the rubble of the old, the trainee was not known to the Swedish Security Service, Säpo.

”But this material seems interesting and the connection to Breivik especially makes me react,” said Dick Lindberg of the Security Service in Umeå to SVT.

The man has been dismissed on the grounds of blogging during working hours, but according to the university it was also the content of the man's writing that made them decide to relieve him from his duties.
Source: The Local

The remark about Breivik is completely innocuous. If anything, he rebukes Breivik for having gone on a killing spree to try and solve a problem that was already on the way to being solved by non-violent means. Yet just for that, he loses his job. Welcome to the western Soviet.


Anonymous said...

The Faroe Islands may have had their first homicide in 23 years

In contrast to the rest of Europe, it's interesting to take a look at The Faroe Islands

The suspect has been interrogated after Dánjal Petur Hansen disappeared.

Jyllandsposten does not indicate any origin of the suspect.

Presumed motive: Jealousy

Anonymous said...


This is the blog

The blogger says about Anders Behring Breivik

"Breivik was too impatient."

"His war is ideally justified, but should have been fought with peaceful means."

"Hans krig är ideellt berättigat men det borde ha förts med fredliga medel."

Anonymous said...

"I have distanced myself from murder"

Responding to Johan C
Svensson said

"Wellwell, biased reading ok. If you have read what I have written about Breivik from the beginning, I have distanced myself from murder."

"Svensson sa...
Jaja, läsa tendensiöst går ju. Om du läst vad jag skrivit om Breivik från begynnelsen så har jag hela tiden tagit avstånd från mord."

Anonymous said...

"Breivik's foremost fault was his impatience. His analysis that the West is being subject to mass immigration with a negative Frankfurter-school inspired ideology as a superstructure, was factually correct.

He was however, so impatient whereas he didn't realize that this regime will be destroyed under its own weight and fall on its own negativistic irrationality, he decided to cross the line and take to violence.

Breivik chose the way of violence since he was too impatient. In other words: Had he been patient he wouldn't have had to become a mass murderer.

You say: "Where does your fascination" for this murderer actually, come from? My interest I share with quite a few in the Western world.
MSM has one Breivik-news a week. Ask them why they magnify it so much.

Furthermore, you can say that the Breivik case is shedding light on Kascynski, McVeigh, Spaggiari, Sumonja, Flink, Blavatsky and others. More in this post, which even shows my critizism of certain timetypical mistakes in Breivik's credo, like considering that islam shouldn't even exist in MENA.

And for what it's worth: I feel a certain indignation over the fact of becoming, as Breivik has, a famous person after having murdered. But you cannot always be driven by indignation. Therefore, these Breivik-posts of different kinds.

And, I'll continue blogging about Breivik. Maybe then, I will break the Lex Breivik, the one that says

"Eho blogs about Breivik, is sinning against Good Deeds and must be driven out. Outside the walls he shall have his dwelling".

But that doesn't touch me. I am not afraid of being driven out from every possible social situation. I'm getting used to it.

9 november 2011 20:24"

Anonymous said...

"When the TV-team was here, they asked me whether I was a rightwing extremist. I said that I am a free man. You must not react on their conditions. As simple as that."

So, to my Norwegian Anonymous, be happy as long as internet is free. With that we can make wonders. There is "a treasure that is gathered in silence", all this writing and reading that takes place on the Web. The wind has turned, and The Silent Majority are with us. Be sure of that.

This is your latest link. You, in Norway, have gotten a bit farther than us. In your country though, state TV may at least say that extra-European men are dominating in the assault rape statistics.

It may well take some time to turn the sentiment even on that point. It is a process, but compared to Sweden, there is a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

"I, Lennart Svensson, have just been mentioned in a TT-telegram. This you can read in DN:

"Fired for Breivik-support"

"And that was all. My name is not mentioned. Neither have they succeeded in getting a photo of me. So I'll find one to put up here.

Furthermore, I object to the wording. I have not expressed support for Breivik. I have been blogging about him."

This was the current post while I was there. Therein am describing how Breivik may have been thinking, how he went to war against multiculture, but I am stating that I, myself, am against violence."

"This is what I wrote about this case yesterday. I am saying there, sure, I did blog during working hours. And I am not going to run this case legally.

I do, however, reserve my right to express myself, even about Breivik, without its being classified as "support" only by not denouncing him in each line.

DN - Dagens Nyheter - Daily News

Anonymous said...

Svensson is asking himself, just how much would they make of it, had the blogger blogging during work hours, been true to the regime, anti-Swedish and pro-multikulti?

He also points out that he was only a trainee and not a full employee.

Anonymous said...

The Rosengård police about their Arabic course

A twelve week long volontary course in Arabic for the police in multicultural Rosengård, a course they themselves had initiated, started in September. Approximately 50 persons signed up to learn Arab phrases.

Rosengård is in Malmö.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the info about the blogger and his comments.

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