Monday, 14 November 2011

Socialist and Green Party politicians were quick to attack Graz police chief, Alexander Gaisch, after the revealing interview with him that was published in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper at the weekend.

SPO (Socialists) parliamentary party head Karl-Heinz-Herper said that Gaisch had “struck the wrong tone” and had been "horrifyingly simplistic"
It is “intolerable” and “disturbing” to cast suspicion so generally, to place co-existence with our fellow Muslim citizens under suspicion and to question the official line of the city of Graz, said Herper in a broadcast.

...Deputy Mayor Lisa Rücker (Greens) said that with his statements the police chief was stirring up fears of other culturs: "It’s the job of the police to clear up crimes and misdemeanours. But it’s not the job of the police to create social scenarios that sow uncertainty and fear in the population.”

For Austria’s Egyptian community, Soleiman Ali expressed "deep shock, concern and dismay" about the "shameful statements". These did not help democracy and integration and do not support “in any way the previous peaceful co-existence in Graz,” said Ali.
Source: Kleine Zeitung


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Source: Police chief interview questions

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Anonymous said...

We have the same problem in the USA, where OUR own Socialist Party - the Democrat Party - has made common cause with Hispanic and other Illegal Immigrant groups in order to buy their votes using taxpayer-funded handouts. Some of our American Socialists/Democrats - Barack Obama for example - have made no secret in their writings about the disdain and hatred they feel toward Western/European civilization with its history of Colonial conquests throughout the world. They pursue the elevation of 3rd-worlders as a finger in the eye of Western values. Most ordinary Democrats, however, have no such anti-Western motives. These Democrats simply see the Illegals (the less sophisticated the better) as an ideal mechanism to achieve and maintain political power in voting contests. These Democrats are not primarily motived by a desire to destroy the present culture, but being Socialists, they have no hard and fast Religious or Cultural loyalties, and they are not at all averse to selling out the predominent culture if it will lead to some electoral victories. It is ironic, because the Hispanic and Islamic cultures whose growth they foster within our bosom will NEVER accept Liberal social attitudes (Gays/Feminism/Permissive Sex/Drug and Alcohol Use), so they are short-sightedly cutting their own throats in the long run.

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