Sunday, 13 November 2011

This Sunday Times video shows a man who speaks broken English with an African accent offering to get confidential British government documents and fix immigration problems in return for payment.
A Sunday Times investigation has exposed a racket in which asylum seekers can buy their confidential immigration files and are offered the chance to “fix” their applications so they can stay in Britain.

An undercover reporter, posing as a friend of an asylum seeker, was provided with internal immigration service documents by middleman Nabi Haroun Sesay for just £250.

Sesay, 37, also claimed that for as little as £8,000 he could arrange for a corrupt immigration officer to alter information, thus increasing the asylum applicant’s chance of being granted leave to remain.

He even boasted that he could arrange for those already facing deportation after having their applications refused to have those decisions overturned and instead be granted permission to stay in Britain.

Yesterday, after The Sunday Times handed its dossier of evidence to police, officers raided Sesay’s flat in Bermondsey, southeast London, and arrested him.

Just three days earlier, as people queued for their burgers and fries at a branch of McDonald’s in the Old Kent Road in southeast London, Sesay’s appetite was for quick money, not fast food.

“Just give me your Home Office reference number and I will get you your records the next day,” he said, minutes after climbing out of his black Mercedes-Benz, complete with personalised numberplate.

“Then, when you know what is happening inside, we can sort something out for you with my man. He’s inside there and will be able to fix your case. The papers will show if they are after you to deport you or not. All the information is in there.”

Sesay’s “inside man” is a worker at Lunar House in Croydon, south London, a 20-storey office block that houses the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Lunar House is no stranger to corruption. Only last week Samuel Shoyeju, 53, a UKBA entry clearance officer based there, admitted issuing “scores” of visas granting applicants indefinite leave to stay in Britain. He is believed to have earned tens of thousands of pounds from his criminal enterprise. The father of three was warned he faces a lengthy jail term when he is sentenced at Basildon crown court in Essex.
Source: The Sunday Times (£)


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Lunar House - appropriate name.

Anonymous said...


You said it in your label, CZ, infiltration

Anonymous said...

"New border agency scandal: Passport control allow millions into Dover without full checks after Labour secretly relaxed rules

Read more:

V said...

This has been a problem in Sweden for many years now. This people even demands sex from women and if they go through with it, they can stay. Even at courts there are a lot of muslims and they of course support other muslims, so they can stay in Sweden on the most sick reasons! Its a big scam everything around this!

Anonymous said...

Here's to Ben

"Every step a battle: Afghanistan survivor Ben Parkinson walks on his artificial legs to pay his respects to fallen comrades

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Anonymous said...

Don not ever forget who are the "stagemasters" and the "map-drawers" for this social experiment to ever have been able to come to a reality.

There are people who have pushed and pulled, and who are still pushing and pulling, for just this to happen to European countries. And they have very strong wills and resourses to do the pulling....

When these, expected and planned for, situations accure, they are "wanted". And what is now "wanted", through all the exposions and "secret documentation", is that the anger and the hate- levels, toward the people who immigrate, who most often are at the end of the "chain" of map-drawers have drawn shall happen.

All these "informations" about all the bad things these imigrants do, is only to rice the levels of "hate" in the society.

It´s the level of hate, suspision, distrust and anger, that the map-drawers want shall increase.

They are planning for civil war, and that is propably what they will get, because the majority of people can not avoid reacting to the "call for change".....

Anonymous said...

Well in case of a civil war these instigators will be taken out, they're well known.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

They themselves are being deceived, their eternal place is the lake of fire with the muslims.

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