Monday, 7 November 2011

2500 asylum seekers in a town of 6000 people! Not surprisingly, the rapes have started.


jdpeiper said...

Have to feel sorry for the ppl in that town. It won't be too long before the multi-culture vultures start forcing more on them, and eat away at the 1,000 yr culture they have had till now. But that's the price to be paid for membership in the EU. Pity the police can't simply shoot the immigrants by the hundreds. The border might suddenly become a very quiet place.

Borrowed this video and posted with credit.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Well they tried a different approach before and got bombed by NATO as a result.

DP111 said...

Serbs should take heed. NATO regards Serbs as evil incarnate. Never mind that Serbs were our allies in WWII, while Muslims were pro-Nazi. Never mind that Serbs fought hard against the Islamic invasion of Europe.

Serbs are evil. Repeat 20 times

Islam is the RoP. Repeat 20 times.

Or report to the nearest mosque.

DP111 said...

What does a 13 year old American girl go for in Pakistan? Three thousand dollars. You might want to remember that number the next time another episode of Mosque on the Prairie airs or an expert says that we shouldn't fear the rise of political Islam in Libya or Tunisia or London

Read it all.

DP111 said...


A little town in Switzerland has more Muslims in it then real Swiss. Its truly enriched. Wom,en feel liberated, and wonder why they didnt see the freedom that Islam gives them,

Anonymous said...

Europe needs brave men who will stand up against the threat of Islam.At its core islam is more of an ideology than a religion.If one listens carefully to Anjem Choudr,one clearly understand the nature of this danger that Europe faces.The future of the next generation,will depend on how this menace is dealt with.act now before it is too late.if need be muslims may have to be deported from the continent for its well being.Far fetched ,perhaps but survival can call for un-comfortable means.

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