Thursday, 17 November 2011

Amsterdam savagery

Antwerp savagery

Something of the savagery of the Mohammedan tribes now infesting our countries can be glimpsed in these videos. They show more of the Turk vs. Kurd confrontations that have disrupted the peace of Europe in recent weeks. It's hard to say which bunch of savages is which: Turk or Kurd. Who cares? They're all the same; and they're all Mohammedans.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to attack in Norway
because no one would suspect anything

Terror suspect Uighur Mikael Davud, says he'd even ask Hitler for help if necessary

Davud says he was considering bomb education at Al Qaida's in Pakistan, but ended up with bomb training in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Terrorplot - Oslo

Will the court be fooled into concentrating and believing the Chinese motive, and forget about the islamic dimension of this terror plot?


Anonymous said...

the whore euro animals is the conductor of mass scale genocides and murder

the most bestial primitive barbarian inhuman creature that ever existed

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