Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In Germany, a scandal has erupted around the so-called Kebab Murders. These were a series of murders, mostly of Turkish kebab shop owners, that occurred over 13 years in different parts of Germany. It was recently discovered that they had been committed by a secret far-right group calling itself the "National Socialist Underground". Somehow the German authorities failed to join the dots during all the years in which the murders were occurring.

The revelations about this secret group have provoked a furore in Germany. Bizarrely, the scandal has provoked calls for the old-school "far-right" and "racist" NPD party to be banned, even though it has no demonstrable connection to the events.

The German government attempted to ban the NPD once before, about 10 years ago, but the attempt failed when it emerged that the NPD had been massively infiltrated by the German intelligence services and that many of the most incriminating statements that formed part of the government case had actually been made by government infiltrators inside the party! This has curious parallels with the current case, because it has emerged that some members of the group responsible for the "Kebab Murders" - the so-called Zwickau cell - also had ties to the intelligence services.

And, likewise, the previous attempt to ban the NPD was provoked by a murder case to which it had absolutely no connection. The Establishment seizes on, and even invents, pretexts to shut down any political party opposed to their genocidal immigration policies. They're now talking about setting up a database of "far-right" political activists; no doubt anti-jihad campaigners will be added to the list before long.

Even more bizarrely, Turkish politicians in Germany are insinuating that Thilo Sarrazin, the writer whose book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany is Unmaking Itself) drew attention to the disastrous effect Turkish immigration was having on Germany, must also be allocated a share of the blame. Apparently he created a climate of opinion conducive to the murders, even though the last of them was committed years before his book had even been published!

These news clips give some background on the case.


Anonymous said...

This is all so absurd, CK. The PC commanders totally refuse to face the realities on the ground while they keep sticking to their strange maps.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, CZ. That's what I wanted to write: CZ.

What I cannot comprehend, is how many of these PC folks with plenty of IQ still are incapable of using this IQ and connect the dots.

Could it be mental? They see what they have decided to see, because they have decided so?

Anonymous said...


Swedish racism behind moha suicide bomber who succeeded in blowing up himself in the busy Stockholm pre-Christmas streets in December 2010, according to Kalla fakta (Cold facts) on Swedish TV4.

V said...

Save islamic lives, stop the immigration of muslims!

Anonymous said...

Die mediale Macht im braun-islamisierten Nazideutschland

Zum fünften mal wurde Heute auf PHönix gegen Islamkritische Parteien gehetzt.
Hier ein Auszug

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


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