Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Part of the terrace of "Le 5" restaurant in Grenoble was torched and destroyed over the weekend in what the owner, Pierre Pavy, suspects was revenge for his support of Charlie Hebdo after its offices, too, were torched and destroyed last week. Following the fire-bombing of the magazine's offices, "to respond to the stupidity" Pavy chose to display the Charlie Hebdo front pages featuring a laughing Mohammed in his restaurant.

Afterwards, he received insulting telephone calls and even a visit from a person claiming to represent Islam who demanded that the front page be taken down. Pavy refused to comply. He has collected Charlie Hebdo front pages and displayed them in his restaurant for years and intends to continue.

Source: Le Dauphiné


Arius said...

Islams attack on Europe has started. The war is escalating.

Anonymous said...

Cashed in 1 million euros after killing his first wife

Then encouraged his French fiancée to make sure she got a good life insurance by pushing her to the insurance company, before going to Morocco. She survived. Did he try the same procedure on a second fiancée? (France3.fr Soir3)

Anonymous said...

Moroccans in France transfer 41,5 milliard/billion EUR over ten years to families in Morocco


At the same time, what are the French taxpayers' costs for Moroccans in France? Security, hospitals, etcetc.

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