Thursday, 10 November 2011

Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride), the wacko Muslim group based in France, which in the past has carried out flash mob-style protest actions, for example in a Mcdonalds shop and at an El Al counter, has set up a new facility aimed at removing islamophobic content from the internet. Somewhat grandiosely titled the Force de Défense Musulmane sur Internet (Muslim Internet Defence Force), its modus operandi seems simply to be to complain about the content to the companies that host it.

Various items of 'islamophobic' content - in a number of languages - are listed on their website and Muslims are invited to complain about it. There is also a facility for notifying the FDMI of new 'islamophobic' content.

At the moment, 116 "combats" are listed, of which 13 are listed as having been "won", meaning the content has been deleted. The rest is marked as "Content still online". Two of the "combats" listed as having been "won" are Charlie Hebdo pages. Charlie Hebdo did indeed have some difficulty last week with its Facebook page, which it was supposedly unable to edit for a while. This may have been due to complaints from this Muslim Internet Defence Force or they may just be claiming credit for something that had nothing to do with them.

It's tempting to sneer at the primitiveness of this operation. Rather than go in for elaborate hacks à la Akincilar, these clowns simply register complaints with the companies behind the websites. Unfortunately, I have no faith in the willingness of most web hosting companies to robustly defend the principle of free speech. It is very easy to imagine potentially useful information about Islam being lost to this online "flash-mob".

The website calls on Muslims to:
Participate in the struggle

It's a real humiliation, a demonstration of force, a hook to the teeth that the fascists and their allies have suffered. Many battles have been lost, hundreds of pages, sites, groups, videos have been closed thanks to the participation of the Muslims!

...In only a few seconds you can destroy the work of entire week on their part. Imagine the hatred and frustration they feel while we receive the reward of Allah?


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