Friday, 11 November 2011

Nigerian refugees from Libya have staged a protest in Vicenza because the renovated former school where they are being housed free-of-charge at taxpayer expense has no internet connection.

These extracts are Google-translated:
The protest was very vibrant, with screaming and shouting. According to officials who followed them, were simply scared and afraid of having to return home. In fact, some of them have expressed clearly that the reason for complaint was related to the structure of Valli, they did not like, perhaps because more isolated than at the center of Vicenza, but have stated that they did not go down that missing link to the internet and the opportunity to contact friends and relatives at home.

The condition returned to normal in the afternoon, after they were informed the police also prepared to intervene to calm the agitated. It is not the first time that refugees become protagonists of protests, burning and understandable view of their situation, but had never refused a lodging for the lack of links to the web.
Source: Il Giornale Di Vicenza Via: DolomitenGeist


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Always biting the hand that feeds ...

Anonymous said...

And it better be fast broadband or else.

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