Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This is part of their "Unhate" campaign. The image was due to be released by Benetton today but it had already begun to circulate on the internet prior to its official unveiling. It's not clear whether Benetton did, in fact, officially release it or had a change of heart at the last minute. The image does not appear on Benetton's "Unhate" website.

Luca Borgomeo, president of the Italian Association of Catholic Television Viewers, has already called for the advert to be withdrawn.

UPDATE: Benetton has withdrawn the image and apologised.
Italian clothes company Benetton backed down and pulled a photo montage showing the pope a leading imam from its new global ad campaign on Wednesday after the Vatican issued a stern condemnation.

The company, which is no stranger to controversy over its advertising campaigns, said it was "sorry that the use of the image had so hurt the sensibilities of the faithful."

The statement came shortly after the Vatican expressed "the firmest protest for this absolutely unacceptable use of the image of the Holy Father."

Benetton's poster showed Pope Benedict XVI kissing on the lips Egypt's Ahmed el Tayyeb, imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo and a leading voice in Sunni Islam.
Source: France24

Other images in the series show Hussein kissing the Chinese premier and Netanyahu kissing the head of the Palestinian National Authority (sic).

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Anonymous said...

I'm a homosexual and not Catholic (although I do follow a long persecuted brand of Christianity) but all the same I find this completely disgusting!

What is it with Lefties that makes them so rabidly hateful against any figure who may be non-secular and non-muslim?

Feli said...

Serbs in Metohija have asked the Russian State Duma for help to get Russian citizenship, in order to prevent the daily attacks by Kosovo Albanians (MUSLIMS). There are at present 200 thousand Serbs in Kosovo, 21 thousand of whom have made the request.

Thousands of Serbs living in the Serbian part of Mitrovitsa have taken to the streets carrying placards with the inscription “Russia, help”

Serbs living in Kosovo have loudly declared that they face possible liquidation. The appearance in Serbia of a party, which is calling for the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, has further strengthened the Serbs' fears of extinction.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I linked to that yesterday in the iostream.

Anonymous said...

Apart from being provocative, isn't this just a caricature test?

Anonymous said...

i don't like.

Anonymous said...

as a catholic,i find this utterly disgusting and highly offensive! wrong move by Benetton in using the Holy Father, a world renowned and respected figure. they sure as hell lost me as a customer!

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