Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This shocking interview with the psychologist Thomas von Stosch appeared in the German newspaper "Heilbronner Stimme".
Heilbronner Stimme: What mistakes were made in the 60s from today’s perspective?

Von Stosch: At that time people actually did not think about how living together should be arranged and how the immigrants could feel at home here. For a people immigration means opening themselves up to the immigrants. But up to now it’s noticeable how difficult it is to welcome someone from another culture and especially to consider them equals.

To what extent is integration adaptation?

It’s necessary to distinguish between different migration processes. Whoever immigrates wants to feel at home here; that includes adapting themselves. He or she wants to live according to the rules of their new home and accept its customs. Immigrants assimilate and consciously give up something of their old ways.

This behaviour does not correspond to what a large number of migrants are living. Why?

For many migrants it’s not about immigration, but rather a process of migration of peoples that is taking place. The conflicts with many Turkish citizens can only be understood from this perspective. In a migration of peoples people remain connected to their homeland. They take their people with them and look for a new place for themselves. They don’t assimilate, but expect that their way of life, their language and their culture can develop in the new country, that is to say Germany.

Your thesis provokes objections because normally it’s expected of immigrants that they will adapt a bit. So is learning German not a necessity?

This demand is part of the old model, which is: go to school, learn German, be good, then all problems are solved. This fails to take into account the fact that the migration of Turkish people to Germany is a historical movement that is nowhere near complete. So sometime there will be Turkish schools and universities. The process can no longer be reversed; on the contrary, in Europe we are just at its beginning. We must consent to this development. Until that happens, understanding will not work. And only when we consent can we shape the process. I am certain it will generate something completely new..

Are we Germans then required to make room and accept parallel societies?

Migration was never discussed in terms of the migration of peoples, only in terms of immigration and adjustment. But we must engage with those who do not want to immigrate. Perhaps we need to start learning Turkish. The migration of peoples demands a lot of everyone involved. It’s about co-existence on the basis of equality. And accepting other people as equals, leaving them as they are, and granting them the same rights, that is a real challenge. For example, that a muezzin should be able to call in the mornings in the same way that church bells ring.
Source: PI

This shows how far the xenomaniacs have gone in their deceit of the European people. When the aliens first arrived, we were assured they would go home after a few years once they had earned a bit of money for their families back in the old country. Then when they didn't go home and started importing brides we were told "Oh well, after the first generation they'll be just like us except for the colour of their skins." Then it became clear they weren't like us and we were told, "Aren't different cultures cool? So vibrant!". Now we're being told to they don't have to learn our language at all, that we should learn their language instead, that we just have to let them set up parallel schools, universities and societies all in their own language; that this is a historical transformation we cannot reverse; and that we are only at the beginning of it. Never in the history of the world have elites so betrayed their own people.


Mullah Lodabullah said...

The elites are deluded, and have betrayed themselves as well as betraying their nations.

Arius said...

Thomas von Stosch will make a good dhimmi. What a fool.

V said...

I have spoken with people from ME and some of them are so affraid of the islamization. ( A few thought! )They have fled from islam and asked me why we want islam in Sweden. I have no good answer. Why cant our government listen to thoose who are affraid of islam and know what its about!

Anonymous said...

They originally came from Turkey to Germany to work as Gastarbeiter, Guest workers, stay in Germany as guests, and then go back home.

Anonymous said...

Marxists like von Stosch should simply be arrested and imprisoned. They are no different than any so-called terrorist who seeks to damage a society through means of violent acts. There actions are in fact a form of violence that is more effective than mere bombs or bullets. The destruction they have planned is forever. There is no rational excuse that wanton nation wrecking subversives should be allowed to freely roam the streets or continue their attacks on the indigenous peoples of Europe. They are criminals who advocate genocide, which is ironically illegal according to the same "international human rights laws" that they demand Western nations be subject to. Of course, hypocrisy knows no bounds in the halls of the left.

Anonymous said...

"Never in the history of the world have elites so betrayed their own people", huh? I guess you don't know much about the fall of the Roman Empire. For your reference, the Empire fell because the welfare state suppressed population growth by simultaneously tanking the economy and decreasing the incentive to have more children. With the decreasing workforce and increasing number of welfare bums, the tax base shrank and the army became weaker. In response, the ceasars invited barbarian tribes to defend the Empire. But there was no money to pay the barbarians. So the ceasars gave them land... ...and gave away the whole Empire parcel by parcel in a self-destructive death spiral.

Welcome back to the IVth century.

Anonymous said...

Well I do believe Germany has colonies in the past of Turkey. Many people of Turkish background have laboured in Germany & do want to bring an addition to Germany's country & economic labour market. Turkish people of the younger generation can speak perfect German.

The younger & even the old generation really would like to be a part of Germany. It's always important to stay positive. I believe every person can bring a part in society. There is no problem only focus on the people who really has to show their contribution, there are thousand of people who are educated, speaking perfect German and are all integrated.

Quintus Borgman (Dutch, German & Indian Rawalpindi background)

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