Thursday, 10 November 2011

A mosque in Montbéliard in France was partially burned last night. The only clue about who might have been responsible was a piece of paper left in the mosque grounds bearing the words "Les échappées belles". Les échappées belles, which means "the beautiful getaways", is believed to be the name of a mysterious group of girls who have been associated with several fires in the area this year. (It is also the name of a holiday programme on French television.)

A few weeks ago, the van belonging to the mosque was burned and "racist" and "anti-Muslim" inscriptions left inside, along with the message "Les échappées belles". The group is said to have previously been involved in several other fires at construction sites in the local area.

Some news reports describe "Les échappées belles" as a "far-right group of women"; others insist it has nothing to do with the "far-right" and is just a "disorganised gang" of girls.

Sources: L'Express France 3


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