Saturday, 12 November 2011

His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, gave this speech in 2003, but it's worth recalling in light of some of the recent denunciations of "Islamophobia" in Europe that have been made by Islamic governments.
Fourteen centuries ago, indeed, the Moroccans decided to adopt Islam because it is the religion of the just middle. It is based on tolerance, honours the dignity of man, preaches co-existence and rejects aggression, extremism and the quest for power by means of religion.

...Is there any need therefore for the Moroccan people, strong in the unity of their religious rite and the authenticity of their civilisation, to import cultural rites that are foreign to their traditions?

We will not tolerate it, all the more so because these doctrines are incompatible with the specific Moroccan identity. Those we see promoting a rite that is foreign to our people we will oppose with the vigour that is required of those whose duty it is to stand guard over the preservation of unity of worship among Moroccans, thus re-affirming our intention of defending our choice of the Malikite rite, while respecting those of others, each people having their own particularities and their own choices.
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Anonymous said...

Is this a guy from Buck Rogers? that is some costume, what the hell is it? WOW, maybe it gives him super powers?

Anonymous said...

National identity

- Thank you for posting that one, CK

Un-Swiss things

One of your other links talks about asylum centers in Switzerland, and shows a problem used to be well organized, The most organized, European countries, like Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany are facing.

Whole communities of asylum seekers, making up, sometimes up to 90-100% of the original population, are forced upon small well organized and functioning communities where people live in peace and harmony, breaking up this harmony sowing crime, fear and disharmony.

Here's a good expression from one of the readers of the link, where the reader is describing how the strangers are

"doing crimes or just doing some unswiss thing".

"No one wants a mini-village of Asylum people in their village. No one.

That includes Swiss, non-swiss and anyone who has a stable life in anywhere, also in Switzerland."

"Wir wollen kein Azylzenter"
"We want no asylum center"

Anonymous said...

UK Diversity

"Dancing at his own wedding 'paralysed' Moroccan who claimed £400,000 in benefits... and can't be kicked out because of human rights

Read more:

Anonymous said...

"Put your face in one of the Teletubbies with this nice photo"
"Follow My Leader Dance"

Arius said...

All he is missing is a propeller on top of his head.

Anonymous said...

Well I do not believe that someone else has the right to speak bad to a person. Mohammed VI, King of Morocco appear in traditonial clothing because he's truly Moroccan, but who are we to judge a person on the outside. Perhaps a strong identity brings positive nationalism to the country & econimical growth.

If Morocco & it's citizens do not feel one with it's country it's bad for economical situation of the country. Strong cultural identity brings strong economical growth by hardworking
Moroccans people who invest to their country by labour, education & harmony.

People who protest are either not comming from Morocco and/or jaleous about someone elses wealth who provoke citizens to a revolt because all other countries in Africa are suffering from poverty. He's one of the richest men in Africa because he's business minded.

Quintus Borgman

Anonymous said...

The King of Morocco is only demanding the same thing that WE all want for ourselves. I do not oppose him, as I want the same respect for Christian, Western European Values! The QUESTION then becomes: Who are these FORCES who are so eagerly and adroitly forcing a Third-World/muslim invasion down OUR throats? Who backs this destruction of OUR way of life, values, National Identities? Are these Communists? American Democrats? Globalists? muslims? Bilderbergers? Precisely WHOM do we target to fight back?

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