Saturday, 12 November 2011

[See below for version with English subtitles]

A group of young Mohammedans went on the rampage in the Belgian city of Liège last night after staging a march to commemorate a would-be robber shot dead by a jewellery store owner in the afternoon. They smashed cars and attacked passers-by while shouting "Murderers, murderers". Some wore T-shirts saying "Jordy murdered, rest in peace".

You have to admire how fast these Muslims can work. Last week it was Charlie Hebdo: magazine released at midnight; office burned before morning. Yesterday in Liège: Jordy the robber shot dead in the afternoon; T-shirts with his name and likeness ready by evening.

UPDATE: It seems the actual robbery took place around 10 days ago so I was wrong about how fast the Muslims work! Jordy's real name was Makono Kasavubu Prince Albert. He was 18. He and the other robber, Bayambudila Nzola, tried to hold up the jeweller's shop with a hunting rifle. The jeweller had been robbed four times before and had obviously had enough. Bayambudila Nzolawho was shot in the hand and survived.


UPDATE: English-subtitled version below. Thanks to Vlad Tepes! I would only say "gangster" is not quite right in the translation. It should be "robber".

Here's a memorial video that was created for Jordy the Failed Robber.


Anonymous said...

Conclusion: They are very well organized.


Did you notice that the Moroccan king considers their national identity too important to have foreign cultures influence on it?

It's hilarious, as what he is saying is a copy of what is the situation of the Western world, just turned upside down.

"Thus, is it necessary for the Moroccan people, strong in its religious unity and its authentic civilization, to import foreign rites and worships to its traditions?

We don't tolerate this, as well as these doctrines are incompatible with the particular Moroccan identity.(Mohammed VI, 30 July 2003)

He sums it up.

At the same time his compatriots are everywhere in Europe putting pressure in particular, on a country like France, to avoid any discussion about national identity, for France that is.

The French president Sarkozy had to cancel any discussion about the French national identity because of the strong pressure by the muslims.

Yabiladi, Mohamed Ourya

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I saw it, yes. I was thinking of doing a post about it.

Anonymous said...

Elected representatives
selling Parisian suburbs to Qatar

On the invitation from Qatar, ten members of the "National Association of Locally Elected for Diversity" (ANELD), leave for Doha, capital in "a country in full expansion".

Qatar already bought the Parisian soccer team PSG, Paris Saint Gèrmain, and a prestigious Parisian horse race.

Last year ANELD had organized for the "young elected" to go to Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

Great, CK. Your work is excellent! Thank you for being there!


Vlad Tepesblog said...

I subtitled that video. Here it is:

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