Monday, 14 November 2011

Wonder what he was shouting, eh? Any bets "Allahu Akbar!" was in there somewhere? Another report says he shouted "They killed my family and I'm going to kill you all!"
The assailant was eventually restrained by local residents who kept him under control under police arrived on the scene. The incident occurred in the Bilbao district of Santutxu.

A young man stabbed and killed a 65-year-old man in the Bilbao district of Santutxu and injured six others before being constrained by local residents and subsequently arrested by local police.

The incident broke out at around 9.45am on Zabalbide Street close to the entrance of the nearby metro station in Santutxu, when a man of less than thirty years of age and reported to have had a vacant look in his eyes began shouting and attacking passers-by with a knife, Bilbao’s Councillor for Security Tomás del Hierro informed EITB.

According to an eyewitness, the assailant was seemingly “leaving (the metro) behind a couple who he then began to harass, so they hid inside the market. When they left, (the aggressor) was waiting for them; (the girl) fought back by smacking the man who then got out a knife and began attacking them with it.”

“We heard the girl shouting ‘help, help’ and we went out onto the street,” recalls a local shop-owner. The assailant “was stabbing at everyone, completely drugged.”

When local residents became aware of the attack, they intervened in order to restrain the attacker, a young man of Iranian nationality, who then entered a bar and began attacking people there.

One of the customers in the establishment, a 65-year-old man, despite attempts by the emergency medical services to revive him, died shortly after being stabbed.

Local residents managed to bring the young man under control and hold him inside the bar until the arrival of local police, who put him under arrest.

In a subsequent statement, Tomás del Hierro, who praised the actions of the local residents who managed to restrain the assailant, also informed press that the 65-year-old man attacked inside the bar and died as a result of his stab wounds.

Apart from the only fatal victim of the attack, another six people were injured during the attack and had to be taken to hospital, where two of them are said to be in a serious condition. Most victims received knife wounds to their thorax.

The injured victims include two men, aged 28 and 54, and four females, aged 47, 30, 24 and 21 years.

A seventh person was also attended by medical staff after suffering from acute stress as a result of the attack.
Source: thanks to Maria José


Anonymous said...

Was it better in the medieval times? At least, then there were men who could defend themselves and their families.

Today, in Europe you cannot legally be armed with a gun. In all of Europe, Europeans, young, old, women, men, are attacked by mohammedans with knives. It happens from Spain in the South, to Scandinavia in the North.

An English granny was even decapitated in a Tenerife supermarket not too long ago. The crazy knife-mohammedan running screaming with the bloody head in the street.

Too busy taking care of the sharia rights of the muslims, the politicians couldn't care less about health and lives of the Europeans.

As a consequence, it's just a matter of time before the Europeans arm themselves. They will realize that if they shall have a chance to survive, it will be on their own. There will be no police there to defend them against daily jihad activity.

Maria José said...

A Spanish language teacher for immigrants, Juan Antonio Montero Luceño, has been stabbed to death by an ex student in Mérida.

The National Police have arrested a 21 year old Moroccan man in connection with the homicide of the 69 year old Spaniard who was well known in Mérida after being the headmaster at the Trajano college in the city Centre. He was known across the town as ‘Manley’ and had dedicated his retirement to helping the marginalised, fundamentally immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Iranian my ass. He might say he is Iranian to gain asylum and all the traitors in the social services will play along but he will be an Algerian.

Anonymous said...

I am basque and my whole life i've been called terrorist by people from Spain, obviously i'm not a terrorist and i don't like people judging me just because i was born in the Basque country, so I don't like generalizing. Mother f*s like this are everywhere from all nationalities. A couple of days ago a man decapitated his 3 year old daughter cuz the devil told him to, but people said he was crazy, now a guy from iran murders and people say he's muslim. Don't get me wrong, I want this guy to burn in hell, but not because he's irani, but because he's a murderer and that's what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a bad muhammedan, only bad infidels. Clearly, these vile kafirs had offended Allah by not embracing him and, therefore, had it coming. This fine young man is to be complemented for doing God's work.

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