Sunday, 13 November 2011

Of course the article doesn't spell it out, but we all know who is behind it. They are hollowing out European civilisation from within.
Between 4 and 6% of identity documents presented in France to open a bank account or obtain social security services are fake, supporting a fraud amounting to billions of euros, according to European identity fraud experts gathered for a conference in Marseilles.

According to the Reso-Club, "3.61% of the documents presented in 2010 to open a bank account were fraudulent", explains Marie Azevedo, secretary general of this French fraud prevention association, which brings together banks, large companies and government authorities, and which organised the conference that ended yesterday. "This figure can go up to 6% - and that's a low estimate - for documents that are presented to get social security benefits", adds the criminologist Christophe Naudin, from the university Paris-II Panthéon-Assas, specialist in crimes of identity fraud. "It is fraud on an industrial scale", arranged by organised criminal gangs, insists Mr Naudin, who states that in France no official evaluation of the phenomenon is available, in his view a sign of "a political refusal".

..the Reso-Club puts forward the figure of 20 billion euros lost to social security fraud alone...These are "minimum estimates" according to the criminologist, who considers a figure of 40 billion euros more likely.

...In the United Kingdom, according to figures recently supplied by the National Fraud Authority, it results in a loss of 48 billion euros per year, the same as in Germany.

The explosion of fraud linked to the use of fake identity papers is weakening the competitiveness of French companies and increasing further every day the black hole in the public finances.

...The subject is politically incorrect because it implicates people in financial difficulties, the economically marginal, immigrants and the unemployed..."
Sources: Le Figaro Le Figaro


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