Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'll be moving abroad soon and I need to focus on making preparations for it, so I'm going to stop the blog here. I may resume blogging next year, depending on how I feel once I'm settled in my new home. Living in another country may change my perspective on things. We'll see. Regardless, I will remain involved in resisting the islamisation of Europe. It's the only thing that really matters in our lifetimes.

Thanks to all who have left comments on the blog, linked to it or translated some of my articles into other languages. Continue your dissent.


Stuart said...

Blast, I've only recently started following.

John Pierre said...

Good luck Anders and cheers for all the good stuff you've done.


Anonymous said...

That totally sucks. I love this site. Can't you transfer it to someone else in the interim to keep going?

Eric Dondero, Publisher

Anonymous said...

i love this site too, you will be missed CZ.

good luck with your future plans!

Maria José said...

Good Luck in your new life !!!

Seraphina said...

Good Luck!! Thank you for this awesome site, and please consider restarting your blogging here. You are much needed! I wish you all the best!

Robin said...

Please, go on ! don't let the blog dropped, I need to copy your posts in my blog...

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. This has become one of my favorite blogs!

Anyways, good luck with the move!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! What a pity to stop this excellent blog. I hope you will just put it on hold. Had only started to know it.

Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Dawa in Kindergarten

This is beyond words! How many of these children will easily be converted at a later stage?

How many will be subject to a process where they later will be totally and absolutely clear about what this ideology is, and work against it?

Anonymous said...

Sad :(

Anonymous said...


A quick translation to the video

Male voice:

- This you can put on your face, or on your hair

- The muslims' book is the koran

- And the koran looks like this

- This is Arab writing

- This is what it looks like

- What do the muslims do on Fridays?

- They have a prayer rug

- First they find out where is the South, where Mecca is

- Then they put the rug down and put the hat on

- The men, and the women wear the headscarf

- And then they pray

- Have you already seen that?

- Then they stand lifting their hand

- And lay down on the floor

- This they do five times a day

- Early, noon, afternoon, evening, and night

- Do you know what the Turkish children like to play?

- They jump rope, ride their bike and so on. Just like you!


Female voice:

- Now you can tell what you know about the Turks


- I am Turkish

Anonymous said...

Ethan said...

This is the second time you're quitting with your website Cheradenine, are you afraid of high visitors ratings?

Feels a bit like that you let us down again.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I don't know what you're talking about. This is the first time I've quit the website.

I'm not afraid of high visitor ratings, no. If there were high visitor ratings, perhaps I'd be more motivated to keep going. But there aren't.

The website averages about 600-700 unique visitors per day, maybe 1000 on a good day. There are many Counterjihad websites whose content is (in my view) nowhere near as good that get far more than that.

I said at the start that Britain and Europe needed a major English-language Counterjihad website of its own (comparable to PI in Germany or Fdesouche in France) to prevent the movement being dominated by American perspectives which, although there is plenty of overlap, are ultimately not our perspectives.

The perspective of a country created by streams of immigration is not the same as that of organic nations that have evolved over time, where the Islam problem is above all an immigration problem and where mass immigration is a recent phenomenon.

The perspective of a country where free speech is effectively constitutionally-protected is not the same as that of countries where people can be imprisoned simply for expressing their opinions or stating undisputed facts.

The perspective of a country where Muslims are around 1% of the population is not the same as that of countries where they are 5-10% of the population and multiplying rapidly.

We saw this difference in perspective in the reaction to the Breivik massacre. I had been saying for years that terrorist violence was inevitable if European elites continued to use the power of the state to suppress political dissent on the questions of immigration and the islamification of Europe. Because "those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable". Did we see any of this nuance in the "official" reactions of the American Counterjihad websites? No.

I also said at the start that the website could only be a collective undertaking; that it was not sustainable over the long term if done only by a single person. There was a standing invitation for other people to join me. Apart from Johnny Rottenborough and Ralph Lynn, who posted occasionally, no one did.

I wasn't fixated on the idea of this website being the focal point either. I would have been happy to collaborate on some other website. It would be better for European English-language Counterjihad bloggers to come together to create one major website rather than maintain lots of minor ones where they post occasionally. The example of PI and Fdesouche shows that a website like that, maintained by multiple people, is capable of altering the politics of a country.

But it didn't happen. So I suppose the European Counterjihad movement will have to go on finding scraps of information about Europe on American websites in amidst all the other stuff about Obama, the Federal Reserve, the Occupy Movement and Israel.

Anonymous said...

A single person blog is very hard to keep up. The same happened to Fjordman. At the time I advised him to take frequent sabbaticals, or he would get disheartened.

In the short time that I visited your site, I was impressed by your research and fresh outlook on the developing catastrophe that our idiot political elite have mired us in. Such an event, in which the political elite betrayed their own civilisation and culture, has no parallel in history. Even Quislings would have stopped short of such a betrayal.

Anyway. All the best for the future, and hope you will come back soon.

Happy Christmas and New Year. Best wishes.

costin said...

Please find a way to continue. It's important what you're doing. The most interesting and important of your posts I think are the ones about the indoctrination of school kids into multiculturalism and outright islamism - and I found some of the most interesting stories on your blog. This on its own could a subject for a extremely valuable blog. Please recosider!

Ethan said...

Ok Cheradenine, then I was confused whit a other British blog witch disappeared two years ago, with almost the same titel, and also always good content, so I assumed you made a comeback.

If you just start your blog the visiting rates will be low, but after I introduced you to Vlad Tepes your blog is mentioned every where.
I saw your name appear on Australian blogs and US blogs, an also on Norwegian blogs.

Here in Holland we have 4 main anti jihadi blogs with all there own function, and it works fine.

Maybe you have to have a bit patience, and ask your fellow bloggers to do more advertising for your ratings, but it need time, in the Netherlands it took almost 10 years to get a productive blog scene.

But you have friends; from Canada to the Netherlands and from Germany to Australia.
The only thing is there is no email adres where we can reach Cheradenine.

Ethan said...

O, and I almost forgot to tell you that we translated almost every week a article from you to Dutch for our site and they where very well read at here.

E.J. Bron said...

Thanks for all your good work Cheradenine. I am very sorry to see you leave. Content from your blog was regulary translated into Dutch on our weblog in the Netherlands (
I hope to see you back next year!!

Eeyore said...

In a very short time this has become an important site. I can understand the frustration of not having the numbers of readers you feel, and perhaps correctly, that you deserve.

For one thing, it takes years of hard work adding content every day. This I have done, and my readership is not all that much higher given the amount of time and posts I have put in. Secondly, I would like to offer the following story that helps me continue in the absence of encouragement and presence of lots of server and personal costs.

'A long time ago, a sculptor was asked to carve an angel for the corner of his church. He was told not to worry much about the back or sides as it would be in a corner and only the front could be seen. A month or two later, the church official who commissioned the statue, noticed the artist working feverishly on details for the back and sides. The man asked the sculptor, "Hey I told you not to bother, why all the extra work?" and the sculptor replied, "Because god can see the back and sides"

I am not suggesting that this work be done for god, although many would find that a satisfactory argument. But that this work be done because it needs to be done. Because if just the right person sees just the right article with information and opinion that can alter the course of things, then it is enough.

I hope you choose to continue your valuable work.


Anonymous said...

Come back in a year (or earlier :D ).

Proverbs 24:5 A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
Proverbs 24:6 For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellers there is safety.

see you later.

Anonymous said...

If I had seen your offer for a contributor to your blog I would have happily obliged your call by offering my services.

If you would like someone to man the fort, as it were, then give a contact email and I'd be happy to apply. I've only just discovered this amazing site two weeks ago and I'm quite sorry to see it go.

I only speak Greek and English so I don't know if I could do what you do and provide coherent translations of many French and German articles.

Take care, God bless

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Please send an email to

V said...

Very sad! Good luck and thanks for all good information and your insightful articles. Take care!

Chrysostomos said...

Indoctrinate them while young and they become willing soldiers for life.

Anonymous said...

In contrast to German children being indoctrinated about Turkish islamic "praying"

Danish kindergarten will not visit Church for Christmas
- Would offend muslims

"The staff has decided not to participate in the traditional Christmas service in Lillerød Church because a high proportion of children in the institution are Muslims."

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