Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Greetings fellow counter-jihadists, I'm taking over the maintenance of this blog from Cheradenine Zakalwe until such time as they deem fit.

I've taken on this task because, although hard Leftists and socialists would want you to believe otherwise, there is a very real and present danger facing Europe and the peace and prosperity we've enjoyed. Although the Euro and EU are also potential enemies of democracy, the more pressing threat is unchecked immigration from cultures which do not share our values and mores.

I'm sure the readers of this blog already know this but just in case there are ditherers who are unsure about it all and who happen upon this site, it may be important to reiterate it occasionally for the benefit of those too lazy to go through the site.

I look forward to spreading news of our perfidious governments and their apparent desire to replace the indigenous people's of Europe with aliens.


Anonymous said...

Great. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I just learned that you speak Greek, which is interesting as it will add a facet or more, give a new dimension to the whole picture, also because of the long history of Greek civilization, as well as the direct contact with the death cult from the beginning.

Looking forward to following this blog, and happy to see that there will be no blogstop for now!

Thank you, Chrysostomos!

Bluepanic said...

Great and good luck ;)

Stuart said...

This great news as I've only recently started following and was a little disappointed to hear of this blogs end.

Glad I kept this in my feed reader.

Anonymous said...

Chrysostomos - great news and good luck. Your words are wisdom in this dark age of PC and MC led by politicians who are out to destroy Europe and the UK. Thanks for filling in.

Maria José said...

Great news.

THANK YOU, Chrysostomos

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Since there'll be help, I'll try a reduced posting tempo myself and see how it goes.

Steen said...

Good - wellcome. *S


Anonymous said...

Welcome! I just love this blog. Read it the first time about 4 months ago and came back every day since then.
Keep up the great job, guys!

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed!

Anonymous said...


Lets celebrate with some laughs:

V said...

Welcome and good luck! I will link to this excellent blog 'as usual'. I discovered this blog for some months ago and I read it almost daily! Good news that the blog is still alive!:)

Diversity Macht Frei


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