Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For some reason the Greeks don't like having to face the threat of violence every time they step out of their homes. They must be Islamophobes.

Source: Russia Today


Anonymous said...

about time, hope they'll drive them all out

Anonymous said...

The retard muhammadans should go back home, talk about being thick headed. They should figure out they're not wanted. But then we have the imams.

DP111 said...

I see a Somali with two bags full.

What on earth are Somalis doing in the West? Who let them in?

Anonymous said...

not just two bags full but she's probably pregnant or even giving birth while staring stupidly at the camera with her empty eyes.

in fact all of those kids around her were probably spawned from the time it took the cameraman to setup.

BunBun4life said...

HAHAHAA good for them. Anonymous from 6 November 2011 00:05. LMAO !!!! Dude that whole 'empty' eyes things got me rolling with laughter. Those fat sows look like nothing more than cows their expressions are so blank. Just absolutely retarded.

Besides IMMIGRANTS ARE TO BLAME FOR THEIR TURMOIL FFS- half the damned population is illegal, those fuckers destroy everything and bankrupted them on top of it.

It's insane how many come through there from fucking Turkey. Then when they're building a wall, the EU is all, oh that wall isn't going to help FUCK the EU fucking bitches one and all.

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