Monday, 14 November 2011
This interview with the police chief of the Austrian city of Graz appeared in the newspaper Kleine Zeitung yesterday.

The mosque plans are a safety issue for the police: Why do you see a potential for danger there?

GAISCH: I assume that the majority of the Muslims living in Graz want to live a regular, honest life. But I also see other facts: that in Graz we have a movement that appears openly on the main square with the Jihad flag.

How large is the group?

GAISCH: To tie that down a bit. There are 17 associations from Turkey, Chechnya and Afghanistan that follow their religion in places of worship. That includes moderate and radical groups. A handful of people maintain a radical lifestyle, meeting radical movements.

Are there hate preachers and radicalisation in Graz too?

GAISCH: Yes, I’d say so. A few years ago we had a fire in Idlhofgasse and there were suspicions of financing terrorism. I can’t prove it but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t going on in Graz too.

Why is the building of the mosque so problematical in your view?

GAISCH: I’ve got nothing against it, as long as it’s there for everyone. And the financing must not be a secret. For their mosque in Herrgottwiesgasse the Bosnians mentioned costs of twelve million. That cannot be financed from the association members alone. We suspect foreign, perhaps Saudi Arabian, forces are behind it. That’s how it was in Bosnia and there are problems there today. I also detect this intention in Graz.

The mosque as a refuge for radicalisation?

GAISCH: In the worst case. It’ll never be an obvious radicalism. There won’t ever be sword-fighters coming. We will be slowly infiltrated. This population group has more children, another lifestyle. They’re doing it very cleverly with a building in which lots of people will have a place. It’ll be more than a mosque: a cultural, social centre with nurseries.

That’s how parties work or the church — very much as a service to society.

GAISCH: Right. The Muslims haven’t invented anything new there. With one difference. Another cultural heritage is coming in that will be bigger. It’s not dangerous directly. But if it’s not countered politically, I consider it dangerous for our understanding of democracy.


GAISCH: Step by step they’ll gain political representation, in the local council and in the parliament.

That’s democracy, that citizens who live here can speak in political forums, is it not?

GAISCH: That’s all OK, yes. It’s just we have to be aware that if we accept it now, in five to ten years it will have effects. If I don’t change that now, it will no longer be possible. If I can’t change it, then I must accept it.

Should mosques be prevented politically?

GAISCH: Legally that’s not possible. But the politicians must close loopholes so that foreign sources can’t finance buildings like that here.
Source: Kleine Zeitung Via: SOS Heimat


Maria José said...

One man stabbed to death and six others injured in Bilbao (BY AN IRANIAN MAN)

The incident broke out at around 9.45am on Zabalbide Street close to the entrance of the nearby metro station in Santutxu, when a (MUSLIM) man of less than thirty years of age and reported to have had a vacant look in his eyes began shouting and attacking passers-by with a knife, Bilbao’s Councillor for Security Tomás del Hierro informed EITB.

The assailant, a 31 year old Iranian, has been arrested and screaming "They killed my family and I will kill you all!" Before undertaking a knife to his victims.

Anonymous said...


The police is taking language courses in Arabic to better dialogue with them, but it doesn't suffice. The "youth" are still shooting at the police station. Now they've even started shooting into the building in Rosengård.

Anonymous said...


Bullets, firebombs, and ordinary bombs are hitting the Rosengård police station, so now it has been decided to set up bulletproof walls as a protection

This is nothing but low intensity war against Europe

And, at the same tying up infrastructure resources, steadily breaking down well organized countries by attacking in addition to police stations, ambulances, fire brigades, burning down schools, kindergardens, churches, etc.

Depixelled (Avpixlat)

Anonymous said...

Emergency Call

I'd like to point out the title on the front page of this little paper, "Notruf", Emergency Call from the Austrian police.

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