Thursday, 3 November 2011

Any attentive reader of the news cannot help but be struck by the extraordinarily disproportionate number of stories in which Muslims are associated with fraud.

Whether the topic is insurance fraud, benefits fraud or vote fraud, Muslim names always see to feature prominently. Even the Muslim Baroness Warsi claimed that "Asian" vote fraud had cheated the Conservative party out of a majority at the last general election.
Lady Warsi has blamed electoral fraud for the Tories' failure to secure an overall majority at this May's election – and claimed that Labour "absolutely" benefited from the alleged fraud.

The Tory chairman told tomorrow's New Statesman: "[There were] at least three seats where we lost, where we didn't gain the seat, based on electoral fraud. Now, could we have planned for that in the campaign? Absolutely not … "It is predominantly within the Asian community. I have to look back and say we didn't do well in those communities, but was there something over and above that we could have done? Well, actually not, if there is going to be voter fraud."

Their fraud extends even to sport. The Telegraph today reports on Pakistani cricketers involved in 'spot-fixing'.

Not long ago in Turkey dozens of people from the top football clubs in the country were arrested in connection with match-fixing allegations. No one was really surprised.
"Football in Turkey was in need of this type of investigation," Hurriyet sports editor Cetin Cem Yilmaz told SETimes. "Every year quite a few accusations are made, and most fans would have admitted the existence of match-fixing and financial inducement."

Burak Tekin, a sports blogger who writes for Eksi Besiktas, agrees that these investigations have been a long time coming.

"It has reached such a point that whichever team won the championship, the other teams' supporters would be saying 'Oh, they bought the game,' and such," Tekin told SETimes. "It's actually good news that finally, after all these years, there is a serious investigation going on."

Muslims even happily defraud one another in relation to one of the most important aspects of their own religion: the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. From the BBC yesterday:
Up to 15% of British Muslims planning to take part in the annual Hajj pilgrimage this week will have fallen foul of unscrupulous operators selling package tours to Mecca, it has been claimed.

The Council for British Hajjis said it was the worst year yet, with many people being driven to fraudsters by the economic downturn and rising costs of travelling to Mecca.

Hajj tours are big business. A quota of 25,000 pilgrims from Britain are allowed into Mecca each year - and it can cost between £3,000 to £5,000 each to get there. It is a multi-million pound industry.

Some of those defrauded will not get to Mecca but others will not even realise they have been targeted until they arrive in Saudi Arabia and find they have not got what they were promised.

There are reports of pilgrims being locked out of apartments they think they have booked, or finding hotel reservations have not been made.

The British police have even developed a special leaflet about Hajj fraud. You can see it here. And this phenomenon is not unique to Britain by any means. I've seen similar reports from France.

In a way this is fitting, because fraud is intrinsic to Islam. If Muhammad really existed, it is clear that he was an L. Ron Hubbard-like con man who realised that making up a new religion was a good way to get money, power and women. Helpful revelations always seemed to come along "from the Angel Gabriel" whenever he needed them. Even the standard Islamic accounts offer many indications that Muhammad was not a sincere religious enthusiast, but was consciously exploiting his gullible followers. (It would have been possible for him to be sincere even if his religion was not authentically divine in origin. The history of the Middle East is full of perfectly sincere nutball 'prophets'.)

Alternatively, the intriguing Pressburg Hypothesis suggests that Muhammad was a fictional character no more real than Lex Luther or The Joker. Under this interpretation, Islam is a pseudo-religion constructed around confabulated tales of Muhammad's exploits hundreds of years after he is supposed to have lived. Pressburg believes the Muslims rewrote centuries of history to retrospectively islamify it, constructing accounts of fake battles, sieges and genealogies. If Pressburg's view is correct, we would have to conclude that Islam itself is the greatest fraud of all time.

Even mainstream scholarship accepts that there is pervasive fraud in the history of the standard Islamic texts. Consider Bukhari, for example, compiler of the most highly-respected collection of Mohammed's supposed sayings (hadith).
Bukhari is said to have examined a total of 600,000
traditions attributed to the Prophet; he preserved some
7,000 (including repetitions), or in other words dismissed
some 593,000 as inauthentic.
Source: The Quest for the Historical Muhammad, edited by Ibn Warraq

While it would be easy to dismiss Muslim fraud as just another item in the long list of what makes Islam risible or unpleasant, it actually has more serious implications than that. Because the fact is the Muslims are very good at fraud. They are the masters of it. It seems to be the only thing they are good at, apart from producing more Muslims. And their fraudulent arts are being deployed against our civilisation, not just to scam some extra money out of the dhimmis, but to mislead us about the nature of Islam itself. The Religion of Peace spiel which the Muslims play so well in western countries is itself a vast a diabolical fraud.

Why do so many non-Muslims - politicians, journalists, academics - play along with the myth that Islam is unthreatening to us despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary? It is easy to understand why Muslims would want to deceive others about the nature of their religion. But why do non-Muslims play their game? Even the Tunisian-French imam I posted about yesterday is mystified by it. He cannot understand why western governments are so indulgent towards fanatic Muslims and so easily taken in by their "double language".

Why Islam has such a strange hypnotic power over the minds of western elites is the cardinal mystery of our age.

Muslim mastery of the fraudulent arts is part of the answer. It is in the act of deceiving that the spirit of the Islamic religion seems to find its truest and fullest expression. Fraud is the essence of what Islam is. They go together like deserts and sand.


Anonymous said...

Why do so many non-Muslims - politicians, journalists, academics - play along with the myth that Islam is unthreatening to us despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Fear. Fear of not just having one's throat slit, but also losing one's job and position.

Anonymous said...

Why Islam has such a strange hypnotic power over the minds of western elites is the cardinal mystery of our age.

We live in age which has discarded the absolute moral codes of the Bible. We live in a world ruled by moral relativism and liberalism.

In such a universe, the more a culture is savage and barbaric, the more it will be excused and praised. The corollary is that any transgression by a Christian, even though he may not be a Christian (McVeigh, Breivik come to mind), will be held as evidence that Islam is no different from our own founding faith of Christianity.

Liberals, like socialists, just cannot accept that the moral ideology that they have accepted as a religion, can be wrong. So they, like Muslims with islam, cling to it, regardless of the evidence.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Regarding the fear point: the same tendencies were apparent within many (not all) western scholars who studied Islamic origins even decades ago, before there had been any significant Muslim immigration into Europe and before the Rushdie/Theo Van Gogh incidents had occurred. There would have been no reason for them to feel fear back then. There is something else at work.

Anonymous said...


Before WWII Western scholars were not dhimmfied. At the time, the very idea of a Muslim or a group pf Muslims assaulting a European, would have been deemed suicidal for the individual or even the national group.

The "Fear" angle came about as a consequence of our liberal paradigm post WWII. In this age, loss of respect from peers, was the key. As mass immigration of Muslims to the West took place, then along with the liberal paradigm, the fear component took on not just loss of respect, but loss of job, and even loss of life.

Its been a slow descent to hell.

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