Wednesday, 30 November 2011 has been hacked again. Like the last time, the hacker makes reference to a small French political party called UPR and the politician who created it, François Asselineau.

The hacker claims to have access to all the website's data, including email and IP addresses of everyone who has ever posted a comment there. He laughs that people are stupid enough to post with their real email addresses, including work email addresses, some he claims come from government websites.

On the 1389 blog not long ago, in relation to Wordpress taking action against BareNakedIslam in response to a complaint from CAIR, the point was made that users of Wordpress and Blogger were much more vulnerable to legal manoeuvres designed to suppress free speech. Even if that's true, they are much less vulnerable to website hacking. Because then it's not just some Mickey Mouse hosting company the hacker has to go up against, but big companies like Google with elaborate security systems.

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