Saturday, 5 November 2011
Press freedom group Reporters Without Borders slammed Facebook on Friday for threatening to terminate the account of a French weekly whose offices were firebombed after publishing images of the Prophet Mohammed.

RSF noted with irony that Charlie Hebdo's staff could no longer edit comments on its Facebook 'wall', including those inciting violence, while the 'enemies of freedom of expression' could continue to post hate messages.

'Facebook has just discovered opportunely that Charlie Hebdo 'is not a real person', something that breaks the site's rules,' RSF said in a statement, citing a message in French from Facebook.

'The content that you have published on Facebook has been deleted for breaking (Facebook) rules. Postings with graphic, sexually explicit or excessively revealing content are banned,' it quoted Facebook as saying.

The Charlie Hebdo staff are still displaying serious traces of dhimmitude, obsessing about the far right instead of the Mohammedans.
"What we're most afraid of is instrumentalisation by the far right."

The guy's offices have just been firebombed by Muslims. He is now living under constant police protection. But what he is most afraid of is the 'far right' talking about what has happened to him.
The satirical paper’s editorial team are not ruling out the possibility that their site’s hackers are provocateurs from the French far right, rather than Muslim fundamentalists, especially since some of the messages in Arabic are cut-and-pasted non-religious texts, for example instructions for washing machines or weather forecasts.

However, a Turkish Muslim group, Akincilar, claimed responsibility for the hacking and jihadist forums were reported to be ecstatic about an “attack that demonstrates the dedication of Muslims to their faith”, as one put it.


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