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In a few posts this week, I've mentioned the bizarre alliance that seems to have been formed between some Catalan nationalists and Muslims. This article goes into it in more detail.

But let's not forget that not all Catalan nationalists feel this way. The PxC are also Catalan nationalists and they are the leading anti-Islam party in Spain.
Neus Torres enters the Igualada Islamic centre barefoot, her feet having recently been washed, where the women gather. At 47, Neus was an active militant in La Crida, the radical independence-seeking organisation which, with the excuse of promoting the Catalan language, carried out all kinds of actions against the use of Castilian Spanish in Catalonia, even demanding the suppression of its official use.

She finds a free space and prostrates herself in adoration until her forehead touches the ground. A cadence of words in Arabic emerges from her mouth. She has gone from defending the Catalan language to the detriment of Castilian to working for the expansion of Islam to the detriment of the religion of her elders.

Like her, hundreds of radical nationalists are embracing the Muslim faith. The new converts renounce celebrating Christmas, cava [Spanish sparkling wine], dancing the sardana [traditional Catalan dance], but they prepare meals with halal meat, read the Koran in Catalan and dedicate themselves to proselytising, especially among the most radical Catalan nationalist circles. “I am learning Arabic,” says Torres. “But I prefer reading the Koran in Catalan, I praise God in Catalan. It’s the language I feel.”

The exact number of Muslims coming from the ranks of Catalan nationalism is difficult to determine because, among other things, the census does not establish religious affiliation and the mosques do not have membership lists. But a growing number of Muslim organisations of indigenous origin, Islamic publications in Catalan and web pages dedicated to this group are a sign of what is happening.

A study carried out by the Centro Islámico de Perpignan [Islamic Centre of Perpignan], closely linked to Catalan Muslims, estimates that there have been more than 7,000 conversions to Islam since 2001. Although the figure represents a very small percentage of the 500,000 Muslims who live in the region, it also reflects a rhythm of dramatic growth. Six out of every ten of these converts had or have nationalist convictions. In fact, the only members of the ERC youth wing who reveal their religious identity are specifically those of the Mohammedan faith. Two out of every 10 members of the republican party already profess this religion. In other radical groups, like Reagrupament, the number of Muslims is also growing unstoppably.

Rejection of Spain and the West

Some experts explain the conversions as the inevitable clash with western culture, which the radicals associate with the Spanish Establishment. “Spain for them is the country of Catholicism, of the great heroes commented on by some historians; heroes who forged their legend through the Christian faith. Renouncing Catholicism is for them a way of renouncing Spain. In fact, many have become Muslims because of their hatred of Spanish customs,” says Vicente Salafranca, an expert on religious matters.

Barcelona has the largest number of converts

In general, the size of the Catalan Muslim population in a given area corresponds to the general size of the population in this locality. This explains why the Barcelona metropolitan area, which has the largest number of mosques per inhabitant in Spain, is also the place where the largest number of indigenous Muslims are apparent.

The imam Muhammad Basri says he didn’t have a single Catalan Muslim when he arrived in the region in 1995. “Today I say many regularly, and that’s only the men”. “It is a type of rebirth, something they carry in the blood,” he says.

The Torres family, nominally Catholic, felt more comfortable with her decision once she explained these aspects of Islamism to them. And when Torres started to use the hijab, the traditional veil covering the head to the neck, they accepted the change without fuss.

She insists that she hasn’t been marginalised by her decision, especially because of the sympathy with which Muslims are viewed within Catalanism. In the respect that many Catalan nationalists draw a parallel between the Reconquista of the former Al-Andalus and what, according to the teaching of some schools, Catalonia has suffered since the 17th century. In fact, Carod-Rovira [pro-independence Catalan politician, former leader of the ERC] himself loses no opportunity to castigate Catalan Catholics and make the Muslims feel he is close to them emotionally. This closeness assumed concrete form during the tripartite government [Catalan government from 2003-2006] which relaunched Muslim activities and multiplied the number of mosques in Catalonia.

“Catalan nationalism always had a masonic component and, for that reason, its representatives were always closer to the imams than to the Catholic hierarchy in the region,” explains Salafranca.

“Today I feel this is my family”, insists the former La Crida militant, who maintains her former pro-independence positions unchanged, although now in an Islamic key. “Islam can be the source of the energy Catalonia has been in need of to free itself from its chains and recover its self-esteem,” she concludes.
Source: Alerta Digital Via: La Tercera Yihad


CMP said...

Dudes, I am a Catalan nationalist and i am proud to be catholic as most of Catalonia is, those idiots in muslim centers are mostly communist atheist who hate all relationated with the west and with occident, really, they don't deserve your attention not most of the catalan nationalists nor even of the sane left wing catalan nationalist. Honestly i don't have nothing against immigration , i think the problem is the integration of that new people, i am for let them come but expel them if they not become integrated into the country to which they come, and believe me, this would expell a LOT of people.

Anonymous said...

I am separatist catalan ad I'm proud to be catholic. We are fighting for our identity and for our people.
Salve Catalunya!

Anonymous said...

What the fuck? I'm a Catalan nationalist and we are utterly against all kinds of invasion, being the most numerous of them the spanish and the arabic one (which actually are a lot alike). Stop telling bogus about our great nation because if you look at the genetics in the Catalan zones under spanish rule (Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands) it's where people have most visigotic (germanic) traits, and less jewish and arabic (actually in the Basque Country there's less, but it's just to prove a point). Now you have a look in the andalusian zones, and you'll eventually realize that Spain is fucking Africa and that spaniards are northern arabs. Long live europe, Hail Catalonia and death to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Btw, this "Catalan nationalist-Mohammedan axis" is fucking bullshit, it was fascist general Franco who had Moor troops (Moroccan) and used them brutally against the Catalan population. Also, he wanted to rellocate all Catalans (in 1936 being 3 milions) to northern Africa, but Hitler said no. Finally, in the medieval wars against the Moors, we, the Catalans, were the main artifex in the suppression of the mohametans in the whole Iberian penninsula: after conquering Valencia and the Balearic islands, we helped the Castilians claim Murcia and we lead and brought most troops for the "Reconquista". Years later, those spanish sheepfuckers payed us back with treason and war.

Enrique said...

Anonymous, you are an insane person, do you really thinh that all bullshit you talk might deceive anyone?. Let me explain you few things:

- First: Thousands of Franco soldiers were from Cataluña, in fact Franco's governemnts always favoured Cataluña with public investment, the most important catalán writer "Josep Pla" was one of the most enthusiastic Franco supporters for instance, when Franco troops entered Barcelona, they were welcomed by many people as a liberators.

- Second: The Iberians habitated the Mediterranean part of Spain (your region and all the western and south parts of Spain), and the Iberians were closely related to the north Africa tribes (they shared the same genetics), that's the reason because people from Cataluña is black-haired and the skin so dark. In the rest of Spain except Andalucia we are pale, and in many cases fair-haired because is were the gaelic tribes settled up, the iberians lived hundred miles far from our settlements.

For me is not so strange that there are many thousands of catalanes that are converting to Islam, mostly nationalits, in Andalucía is happenings the same, many socialits and comunists are doing it.

In the rest of Spain, nothing of this strange behaviour is happening, and I can only think of two reasons, because we are still faithful to our roots, or simply because there's nothing in our blood that we share with the moors or arabs, the opposite to you, maybe is something that cannot hide itself forever, and now is calling you to join again.

At the end, when muslims have taken control of Cataluña and threaten the rest of Spain, the people from Castilla, Galicia, Asturias, País Vasco...will give their lifes to save Cataluña and the rest of our nation as always has happened in our history. We will put our lives and your fucking nationalist establishment will fill their pockets as usual.

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