Monday, 7 November 2011

Like many others, Carlos the Jackal went from espousing revolutionary Marxism to embracing Islam. Unlike most of his fellow leftists, however, Carlos went beyond just adopting the cause and the mentality of Islam to converting outright.
In an interview published on Tuesday with the Venezuelan daily El Nacional, for the first time the "Jackal" claims to have carried out around 100 attacks resulting in between 1500 and 2000 deaths.
Source: Le Monde

2000 deaths! That would surely put him up there among the greatest Muslim butchers of all time!


Anonymous said...

As far as facts go, only the US and its allies are waging wars, imprisoning people in secret jails, torture, economic warfare via IMF/World Bank...all over the world.

Where America and Europe it did in its colonial days killing and wiping out the indigenous peoples of the lands it conquered, killing six million jews, 20 million russians....millions of indians, native aborigines et al....

then killing each other in two world wars, arming now with nuclear weapons so they turn their blood lust in Iraq, Afghanistan, the globe...

Where the Judeo-Christian Zionist alliance (Nato) spreads, war, killing, death and oppression spread...

Anonymous said...

2000 deaths is nothing compared with the inter-European conflicts in the Middle Ages, not to mention millions killed by Europeans in N. America, S.America, Australia. This is in addition to those killed by greed-fuelled crusades by corrupt popes.
Then we come to the trans-atlantic slavery which killed millions, colonialism by Britain and France as well as Belgium(the least known, but most bloody King Leopold II)and the Second World War killing millions of people(Jews and E.Europeans and German undesirables).
To finish off WWII, in the face of a fast capitulating Japan, the USA, a nation of Europeans in one go nukes a couple of hundred thousand.
Bloody French-Algerian wars, Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan and Iraq. Not to mention sanctions inconsistently applied on "undemocratic" nations resulting in the deaths of many millions again.

+Allowing dictators like Mugabe and Milosevic who have killed and butchered many, while destroying communist and socialist leaders and instigating civil wars against them*.

So, on balance we can see whether W. Europeans or Eastern Arabs were more bloodthirsty.
(*I am not a communist. I am a patriotic Briton)

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