Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The propaganda for the European genocide is in full swing this week. Europeans needs to let alien immigrants colonise their countries because otherwise there won't be enough workers around to pay for their pensions. But at the same time, Europeans need to have fewer children themselves. The xenomaniac elite are quite happy to deploy two completely contradictory arguments.
ONE of Scotland’s most eminent scientists has argued that couples in the UK should have no more than two children to help tackle the world’s soaring population.

Professor Sir Ian Wilmut puts forward his controversial views in today’s Scotsman as the number of people on the planet officially hits seven billion.

The professor of reproductive biology, most famous for his role in cloning Dolly the Sheep, argues that “population control is essential and beneficial even in countries like our own” because of the strain such a large number of people place on the planet’s resources.

He adds: “What is needed now is government promotion of the fact that having more than two children is imposing unacceptable demands upon the environment.”

...Writing an article called Population and consumption the twin determinants of our fate in The Scotsman today, Prof Wilmut said that even in the UK there are “obvious effects of human activity upon the rural environment”.

And he said although it would be “perverse” to remove the financial support that ensures children in the UK have a good start, there should be “social encouragement for those who choose not to have children or have only one child”.

...Prof Wilmut is the latest in a long line of well-known figures to promote the idea of having fewer children.

Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, environmentalist Jonathan Porrit, primatologist Jane Goodall, television presenter Chris Packham and former American vice-president Al Gore have all in the past sparked controversy by making similar comments.
Source: The Scotsman


Anonymous said...

perhaps if government only paid benifits for the first 2 kids, (and only one wife, as polygamy is illegal), the muzzies would stop breeding like flies.

gsw said...

Precisely, Sir Ian did not say 'non-muslims' he said everyone.
I have been quiety swearing at the pyramid system for years. We don't need more people to shore up a shaky pension system. We need more people working! This can only be achieved by investing in education and not paying people to breed more and more dolers, while the working people are unable to afford to have more children.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that this article has been twisted into a race argument. There is no mention of it anywhere..and the man is a renowned scientist!

Besides, Europe is in decline and the weather sucks, Australia and Canada have lots of room and better weather, so lets all move.

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