Wednesday, 2 November 2011

This is bizarre. What is he getting at here? That a Muslim or Muslims may be going around raping Norwegian infidel women to avenge Breivik's "islamophobia"? Or that indigenous Norwegians were inspired to commit by Breivik's 'manly' aggression? The latter theory is nonsense, if that's what he means, because we know that all or almost all of the perpetrators of these rapes have been people of non-European ancestry.
Public and private actors disagree about how to solve Oslo’s recent rape crime-wave whilst a serial rapist could be on the loose. Amongst differing opinions also come warnings that Anders Behring Breivik could have inspired whoever is behind them.

51 reported assault rapes have been reported in Oslo so far this year. Aftenposten claims it has seen official police figures showing 43 of these occurred between 10 pm and 6 am the next day. 38 happened in the six hours from midnight.

The paper also reveals three reported assault rapes took place in broad daylight; on 18 March on Alnabruveien at 11:30, in Tøyenparken at about 17:00 on 13 July, and at approximately 3 pm on 5 September in Inkognitogata. A further previously undisclosed assault rape also occured at 3 am on 22 October on Ulvøya.

As investigators try to piece together whether one serial rapist or several rapists are responsible for the most recent attacks, it is revealed they use just one forensic genetic lab in the whole country.

...Meanwhile, Peter Gill, a Swedish violence researcher, believes Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks could have inspired the rapist(s).

“What is special about Breivik is that he brought an evil thought to life. There are many children who are bullied, aggressive, but they don’t turn thoughts into grounds because of that,” he tells Vårt Land.

He admits drawing a connection between a rise in Oslo’s assault rapes and Breivik’s actions could be “pure speculation” unless it “turns out not to be coincidental.”
The professor also warns that people could be committing a major mistake by thinking Breivik is a mad man.

“Everyone has parts of Breivik inside them. However, he put these together. There are also men in Norway who are quietly impressed by what Breivik managed to do. This could trigger others to cross the line too.”
Source: The Foreigner


DP111 said...

Breivik may have inspired the theory of evolution - dog eat dog, or is the other way round?

Breivik may have inspired independence movement of the USA.

Breivik may have inspired the EU conspiracy.

Breivik may have inspired ....

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Breivik may even have inspired the creation of Islam itself. His awesome statement of Islamophobia may have rippled back through time, triggering harsh reactions in the Dark Age Arabian desert.

V said...

I am ashamed of being Swedish when I read what the Swedish professor says. A wicked conclusion, based on fantasies. How can anyone come up with such idea?

DP111 said...

Breivik may have inspired Einstein's theory of Relativity - that all cultures are the same. It is also known as Relativism.

Anonymous said...

this capitulation, this desperation for there to be some reason, any reason (even one which defies Reason) other than the fact that muslims regard kuffar women as fair game.

to think i used to regard myself as "left" in my youth. i despise the left now, they're but plump lemmings jumping straight into the waiting mouth of Leviathan.

BunBun4life said...

This is bullshit, that 'rape wave' has been going on for over 5 years. When was the Breivik? 7 MONTHS ago? What a DUMBASS. V I live in Sweden and I'm embarrassed, because the man obviously doesn't understand 'this isn't the first year of the rape wave'. Does he even know there's one going on in Sweden as well?

for the past 5 years 100% of all assault rapes were perpetrated by arab muslims & africans (probably muslims too) That is 100% over the last FIVE YEARS. Prior to that it wasn't any picnic, the raping has been going on for quite some time, it's just gotten worse.

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