Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A representative sample of 1,080 Austrians aged 15 and up was asked the following question:
"In all societies there are differences or even conflicts between different social groups. In your view, how strong are the following conflicts in Austria."

Those polled were presented with a list of nine possible fields of conflict.

Their three top answers were as follows:
Foreigner/Austrian 53% Very Strong
Christian/Muslim 45% Very Strong
Poor/Rich 31% Very Strong

Source: ORF Via: SOS Heimat


Anonymous said...

It took so long to realise that a peaceful and prosperous nation is formed by a people of common language and culture.

A Multicultural nation may just about work as long as there is an abundance of goodies to go around. But once hard times come, as they must, it will lead to increasing competition, leading to a low grade civil war, and finally war itself.

It is difficult enough for humans to live in harmony even when they share the same religion (culture), race or ethnicity and language. When they are diverse, then civil war is a virtual certainty. It is on the basis of the above shared common values that nations were formed, and in an imperfect world with imperfect humans, they work quite well.

Supposing that we win the hearts and minds of Muslims, that would mean that our society is compatible with Islam – which it is not, or that our society would have been taken over by Islam.

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