Friday, 11 November 2011
THE HAGUE, 10/11/11 - In municipalities with many Moroccan residents, an average of 38.7 percent of the Moroccan youngsters and men aged between 12 and 24 have landed up with the police one or more times. Girls are also forming a growing problem, public administration journal Binnenlands Bestuur reports.

Heading the list is Den Bosch. In this city, 47.7 percent of the 12-24 year old Moroccan youngsters and men have been crime suspects in the past five years. Next come Zeist with 47.3 percent, Gouda (46.3 percent), Veenendaal (44.9) and Amersfoort (44.6). The percentages in Maassluis, Oosterhout, Schiedam, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Ede, Leiden and Den Haag are also over 40. Crimes against property and crimes of violence predominate.

The figures come from a study by research institute Risbo of the Erasmus university in Rotterdam, commissioned by the home affairs ministry. As well as the 22 so-called Moroccan municipalities, Risbo also looked at the 22 municipalities where many Antilleans live. Nine towns are both Antillean and Moroccan municipalities.

Moroccan young men are more often suspects than their Antillean counterparts virtually everywhere. Also striking are the crime figures of the Moroccan girls. The generally prevailing picture of girls unlike the boys being good does not chime with the figures. In nine Moroccan municipalities, over 10 percent of girls aged between 12 and 24 have landed up with the police at some stage. If the Antillean municipalities are included, then this applies to 17 of the 35 municipalities.

Heading this list is Groningen, where one in four Moroccan girls have had contacts with the police. This is one and a half times as often as their Antillean counterparts and six times as often as Dutch girls.

In Amersfoort, Moroccan girls actually run up against the police more often than indigenous men. On average, 13 percent of indigenous men and boys aged 12-24 and 3 percent of indigenous females aged up to 24 are known to the police as suspects.
Source: NIS News

It's probably because they're "over-policed", right?
Conscious or subconscious labeling of certain groups within policing
practices, can lead to the over-policing of these groups, which can
result in their over representation in crime and prison statistics. For
example, blacks comprise about 12 % of the U.S. population but 40
% of the prison population.
Source: Amnesty/EU Manual for Educators


Ethan said...

Read this well; its between 12 and 24.

If you look at the figures between 18 and 24 for by example Rotterdam you find different figures:

The young men of Moroccan-Dutch in Rotterdam aged 18 to 24 is nearly 55 percent had contact with the police on suspicion of a crime. For Antillean and Surinamese locals in the same age group is 40 percent, 36 for Turkish-Dutch men and 18.4 for indigenous locals. This "absolutely staggering numbers," Frank Bovenkerk Wednesday during his retirement as professor of criminology at the University of Utrecht presented.

For Amsterdam that would be 70%

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Well spotted. They're always trying to find some way to spin it to make the immigrants look less bad. Maybe they'll take the age range down to 4-year-olds next.

Anonymous said...

Forget the age group. Its well known that these groups use children as a tactic to avoid prosecution. If one uses simply ethnicity, the figures would blow apart the claim that Muslims enrich us by their presence.

Ethan said...

Also notice : Frank Bovenkerk Wednesday - during his retirement speech as professor of criminology - at the University of Utrecht presented.

So they couldn't give hime the sack (fire him) because of his speech and his pensioen was also save.

All the time he worked as a professor of criminology he kept its mouth shut.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Very interesting. I'm going to look for references to this in English. I'm writing a book about the European Genocide and might want to include this in it.

Ethan said...

see if google has something about Frank Bovenkerk and Paul Andersson Toussaint.

A recent study on Dutch Moroccans by NRC Handelsblad reporter Paul Andersson Toussaint claims that 70 percent of the Moroccan youths in Amsterdam have a police record. He quotes reliable sources who claim that it is the Moroccan parents who are largely to blame for this. They invariably instruct their children to look down on native Dutch. These Moroccan kids now behave like little street gang bosses harassing young Dutch women, robbing elderly ladies or stealing scooter-mobiles.

The overburdened police are often incapable of really tackling this problem, partly because many victims are scared and intimidated. Consequently, they fail to report these crimes to the police. These Muslim youths – usually males – simply terrorize the streets. If someone does report them to the police they quickly deny everything, claiming they are victims of “racism.” “Is is rarely mentioned, but there are a lot of criminal Moroccan fathers here,” Mourad Taimounti told Andersson Toussaint. Taimounti, one the many good Dutch Moroccans, is involved a local initiative to stop harassment by Moroccan youths. For some reason, he is not afraid of being accused of racism.

h/t barenakedislam

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thank you.

Ethan said...

Your very welcome Cheradine.

Ethan said...

soera 48:20 Allah promiseth you much booty that ye will capture, and hath given you this in advance, and hath withheld men's hands from you, that it may be a token for the believers, and that He may guide you on a right path.

Soera 8:69 But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good: but fear Allah. for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

Ethan said...

Also notice: Of all crimes committed in the Netherlands is 2.4% solved by the police ! So 97.6% remains out of sight of the police!

Of armed robberies committed in the Netherlands is 1 in 5 (20%) solved. In 39% of the robberies, the perpetrators as "slightly tinted" and 31% as "Black". 28% of registered offenders is white. In 8.5% of the unsolved robberies found the perpetrators not to be registeredin The Netherlands (illegal immigrants, temporary workers, tourists).

From 2006, a significant increase in light-skinned offenders in terms of violent robberies. Increases, which to this day continues.

Shimyl Ahmed said...


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