Saturday, 22 October 2011

Yesterday, activists from the group Vox Populi commemorated the Battle of Tours (also known as the battle of Poitiers) in front of the basilica of Saint Martin in Tours. Charles Martel's victory in the battle is credited with having saved Europe from Mohammedanism.

They wave Touraine flags while shouting "Islam hors de l'Europe!" [Islam out of Europe!]

Why are we gathered here today? Because we have a duty to remember. ...Today in France and in Europe, there is a new invasion... the mosques, the street prayers. No more! Here, this land, is Christian! It is our home!

...Celebrate the anniversary of the battle of 25 October 732 which took place between Poitiers and Tours. For us, there is a new form of invasion in France and we need a new Charles Martel!

That's a nice song they sing. Anyone know what it is?

The Reconquest is up to us

Sources: Vox Populi La Nouvelle République


Anonymous said...

This song is called " Les Lansquenets ". Its a famous nationalist song. Thanks for your support !

Laurent de Tours, Vox Populi

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Merci pour les informations.

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